Where in St. Louis am I?

Showcase the beauty and grit of St. Louis in pictures.
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Where am I?

When were you taking pictures of my garage?

Nah, it's not quite that bad. (Or that big.)

Another hint:

St. Mark's School in Academy - Just off Page. I drove past the church a month or so ago and was very sad to see the decay taking grip...

Yeah, it's really looking bad these days. Such a shame. Here's some more photos of just the school. The church is almost too sad to look at.




And the old rectory (I think):

It's a beautiful complex. Just for reference here is the church in late October: Image
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^That's the relatively new rear entrance to St. Mark's Episcopal Church in St. Louis Hills. Love that place. And here's the well-known front:

You're quick! This really is a beautiful and unique church, very nice shot of the front! St. Louis Hills is off the beaten path for me - saw this for the first time a couple of weeks ago but need to spend more time exploring the neighborhood...
St. Louis Hills is a great neighborhood. Lots of Art Deco apartment buildings, handsome homes, and a few other Modernist churches. A great place to walk or ride a bike.
Here's a trying-too-hard artsy-fartsy shot. Anyone know it?

I'm struggling a bit with this one. It reminds me a tiny bit of Resurrection on Meramec, but the I don't think the tower there would ever look quite that dark and the hip roofed building in the foreground doesn't feel quite right. Could possibly be from the south as seen from the west end of Kingsland Ct., say. There are some similar houses there. But that feels off. Faith-Salem UCC up on W Florisant seems like the likeliest candidate I can find. The hip roofed house is still a problem, but maybe from the parking lot at the funeral chapel that might be about right. Trouble is that square tower with a cross on one side just seems a common motif used by several prominent local architects.
Looks like Vianney High School but as SymphonicPoet said,
symphonicpoet wrote: Trouble is that square tower with a cross on one side just seems a common motif used by several prominent local architects.
Covenant Seminary?
Nobody's got it yet.
I've spent hours reading this forum, but might not be quite up to pace. My guess is Cardinal Ritter - has my time spent here been a waste?
Explorer wins again. Cardinal Ritter College Prep at Spring and Washington.
Now I feel dated. I worked down the street as they were building that thing. Was not looking for anything remotely that new.
Well, here's another one! Where in St. Louis am I?

stlexplorer wrote: Well, here's another one! Where in St. Louis am I?

That is Mallinckrodt and North Florissant. That church in the background is the one visible from 70. At first I thought it was St. Anthony of Padua but nope, its Holy Trinity.
Nicely done Chris - you're up!
Aw man, somebody finally posts one I know and . . . I'm editing another thread. Most Holy Trinity, your apse is showing. ;-)
Here's one. You have to know the inside of churches for this one.

If you're going to know the inside of churches that's a good one to know. I don't know much about Frank de Sales, but his church is pretty sweet.

(St. Francis de Sales: the "cathedral" of the south side, once home to one of the auxiliary bishops. Now officially an oratory, I believe it is. For folks that like listening to other folks sing in Latin. As a choir boy of long standing I really have to approve of that. As a matter of fact, I want to say I sang Stravinsky's Pater Noster almost as soon as I walked in the door. Nobody there at the time, but it was a lot of fun.)