Where in St. Louis am I?

Showcase the beauty and grit of St. Louis in pictures.
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So here's another location to guess, (I'm breaking the rules a bit because this photo is outside of the city limits, but the border is visible so hopefully I can get away with it) - where in (nearly) St. Louis am I?
^ Bartmer Ave. facing towards N. Skinker Pkwy. You're right, though: it's less than 100 meters from the "City".

I'll defer to anyone who wants to post a picture to guess, as I've got nothing.
Here's a somewhat obscure detail of a rather well known building:


(And yes, StLExplorer was exactly correct. Loved the wrought iron detail.))
^^ Nice work Trololzilla!

^ I've got nothing! Any other clues?
Oh . . . sure. It's a famous building, so trying not to completely give it away. This isn't a particularly famous corner either, but it doesn't require quite as awkward a viewing angle. (Actually, the first shot is a VERY famous spot in the building. Just looking an unusual direction.)

Is this the Missouri History Museum?
I say Muny Opera. Backup theory would be Civil Courts Bldg.
danke0 wrote:Is this the Missouri History Museum?
Danke0 has it. First picture is the skylight over Jefferson smack in the middle of the main entry hall. The second is a sculpture hanging in the rear atrium.
I'm jumping in to steal the thread and pivoting back to a Church. Where in St. Louis am I?
I guess nobody got this one?
We may have gotten completely distracted by Thanksgiving. I don't immediately know it, but I have a few guesses as to where to look. The very square house puts it in an older neighborhood, I should think. And the strip in the background ought to be a strong clue. I just . . . forgot. Give me one more afternoon. (No serious objection to hints, though.)
I was thinking Clifton Heights, but a virtual-drive-through showed me it wasn't what I had been thinking. So I'm stumped.
I'm guessing North City, somewhere-ish near Keinlien to Wabada. I quick scan of Google maps didn't yield anything but in that area but that's where I'm focusing.
Good Lord that took me longer than I'd like to admit on Google Earth to find - the church is on Dick Gregory Pl at the intersection with N. Market St. The far end of that longer building in the background lies at Marcus Ave. Tough one for sure - I had to scour the whole of north/northwestern St. Louis looking for that damned green roof and stumbled upon it by happenstance.

Shadrach had it pretty close, so all credit to him - it's really close to Wabada (1 block south). The sad thing is I actually started out looking in that area and just found it randomly during another pass through it.

On another note: anyone know why that particular stretch of N. Market is blocked off from the rest of the grid?
Eegads! I was looking too far east. I think I scanned around nearby, but I really thought it was an older neighborhood for some reason. St. Louis Place, or Old North, or Hyde Park or something like that. My hat is off to you two. Well done.
How 'bout this?

Backside of 3733 Lindell from a rooftop on Washington? Looks to be 3733 Lindell, anyway. N. Elevation. (The building immediately west of the Coronado. Might well be a part of the Coronado at this point.) Great fog shot, by the way. Love the wires with their insulation slowly falling off in the foreground.
Correct! Here's the full-height version, and the original raw shot:


The sepia filter makes for an neat effect. It compresses it nicely to make the sky look more interesting (at least on my monitor) without making the building look too dark. And it gives the whole thing a nice mystery. Works well, I'd say.
All right, let's try this one:

Scottish Rite Cathedral?
Never been, only guessing that because of all the 'griffiny-looking, almost but not quite rampant lions, and other heraldicy stuff'
am I allowed to throw out hints?
symphonicpoet wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:17 am
All right, let's try this one:

Ceiling of the Arcade downtown.
Seems to me that any hints should be up to the original poster. If someone knows the location, just go ahead and answer it.
The original poster is laughing his fool head off. Sure, throw all the hints you want. I was going to try to be more subtle and sneaky like, but . . . never half as funny. ;-)