St. Liborius Skate Park

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How come I've never heard of this? Anyone have more pics? ... mho404SqHM


I don't have any pics, but it has been on my list to shoot for sometime. This place does really fly under the radar though. I heard about it a year or so ago when I saw an ad on Facebook for a Vice video about it. Was blown away, easily one of the cooler things in the city I think, and I'm not even into skateboarding.
I have an old friend that skates there pretty regularly. They have a Facebook page, and an Instagram account. I think there might also be a YouTube channel. (There are certainly plenty of videos.) But it's private, and I think kind of invitation only, so while well really known amongst the wheelier set it's maybe still not as well known mainstream. (Though it gets in the paper and on the news every now and then. Even sort of alternative nationally once in a while. At least if Viceland counts.) Most of their media is branded Sk8 Liborius, if that helps. Anyway, yeah, it's pretty doggone cool.
Here is the entire episode of the show Abandoned:
Just saw on Facebook that they had drone races inside the church last night. How cool is that?