18 New Homes in the Ville

Discuss renovations and new construction in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.
This will be a $3.8 Million project to build 18 single family and townhouse homes in the Ville. A tax abatement was approved for this yesterday. The design looks like some homes being built in the Grove under the "Grove South" homes project. I included a rendering of those for comparison. They will be built on mostly vacant property bounded by Cottage Avenue, North Taylor, Maffit Avenue and Cora Avenue.

$200k per house sounds very expensive for that neighborhood. Are there any subsidies besides tax abatement for this project?
I like the house designs, but 200K sounds high for most neighborhoods in this town unless those are a heck of a lot bigger than they look. And man, that's a lot of space between them. They could easily put twice or maybe even three times as many structures in that space. What is this? Wildwood? Glad to see something built. Hopefully infill will eventually be possible.
I'm not convinced they can build these for $211,000 each, much less sell 18 houses at a profitable price. Also, that site plan is horrendous. If they can do it, I want to see their numbers and find out who the contractors are. Because the projects that run through my hands would never work at that price. That said, I wish them nothing but the best.
The $211,000 isn't too far off of reality I think. Reading this article actually made my wife and I investigate Rochester Homes in Indiana. We've been wanting to either find a fixer upper here in the Chicago suburbs (Fox Valley region is our primary target) or to find a lot / tear down where we could build our own. Based on the sized and simplicity of the homes depicted, $211k seems about right with what we could find. There's also not a lot to do on the actual building portion as it's primarily just foundation work, putting it all together, and then very limited finishing touches. I don't think a lot of local contractors are needed... Overall it's not necessarily "cheaper" than building from scratch, but you can save a little depending on the site and prep work required.

Edit: disregard. The photos didn't initially load for me and I thought this was the same as the pre-fabricated home project being proposed.