St. Louis in SimCity 4

Showcase the beauty and grit of St. Louis in pictures.
Not really sure if this counts as a photography showcase, but I stumbled across a couple pictures on, a SimCity fan site and thought there was probably a few people here that would find these interesting.

I quite like his take on the Kiener garages here...


Created by a user named Korver...his stuff is actually worth a look: ... rue-earth/
Holy crap! Those are beautiful... maybe even better than the real thing. The little sail boat on the river is a nice realistic touch.

I haven't played Sim City in like 20 years... the graphics sure have come a long way. Wonder how long it took to build this.
They should try deleting the highway and seeing what effect it has on the traffic :-P

In all seriousness, are there programs or apps that simulate what actually happens when we make decisions that impact the street grid? Where you'd be able to measure car volume over, say, a few months, input it into a map, and then make changes to the grid and accessibility? I think that would be a useful visualization for city and state government.
^Back in my SimCity days, changing streets to one-way always improved traffic flow. Most urbanists, of course, prefer two-way streets. Go figure.
a little off topic but i've had a couple of drinks so... given the number of sh*t cars in St. Louis, i would kill to have Meramec St. changed to 1-way east (downhill) between Grand and Broadway so that I don't have to listen to freight trucks and clunkers with swiss cheese exhaust systems accelerate uphill over and over and over again after every f*cking stop sign. you can't block that sh*t out.

and in all seriousness this city has a REAL problem with cars that couldn't possibly be passing inspection. there is no f*cking excuse for me being able to hear your f*cking car from 5 blocks away.
urban_dilettante wrote:
Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:59 pm
and in all seriousness this city has a REAL problem with cars that couldn't possibly be passing inspection. there is no f*cking excuse for me being able to hear your f*cking car from 5 blocks away.
There's at least one place I've heard of up in either North City or North County that straight up passes your car through both sets of inspections if you pay the "special" price ($80 vs $40). Wouldn't surprise me if there's a bunch more like it. I'm sure that does nothing to help that problem. Then there's the issue of all the expired tags everywhere...
Yeah, definitely a ways off topic lol, but these places do exist. My family used to know the guy that owned the gas station between 4th and Broadway at Lombard, we'd pay the "expedite" fee and he'd just give us stickers. He's no longer around and now we do things the correct way lol, but I'm sure there are several more. For the record, we were all driving Hondas and Nissans, not beat up old junkers, so our cars would have passed no matter what, still though lol.

To get somewhat back on topic here, this version of SimCity was released in nearly 20 years old. It's still by far and away my favorite city simulation game, though today it's considered on the older end of the spectrum and quite a ways out of date. If you really want to have your mind blown check out what these guys did with the newer Cities Skylines...pretty insane:
One of my favorite aspects of SImCity 4 was the University campus:
For the record this was built into the game, not a Mod like Metropolitan Sq or Busch Stadium up above

apologies for the image size

^ The vanilla University is one of the game's better original civic lots. It still features prominently in my downtown university district.



For the record that Busch Stadium is rather garbage lol. Not at all a good representation of the real thing. There is a 3D model that includes both the stadium and BPV for Minecraft that looks amazing though. Wish someone would BAT it for SC4. The Met Square looks fantastic and there are lots of other St. Louis BATs available too. The US Bank Tower, the old (and long gone Buder Building), I've seen a very crude Eagleton Courthouse too. Several of the Cupples Station buildings are available. One of the original Maxis office buildings is a copy of the top half of the Wainwright. Even the Kiener garage is out there. I've got a request in to get the One Hundred building done, but that's not likely.