SymphonicPoet's Piano Concerto

Got the skinny on upcoming events and fun things to do? Don't be shy...
I hinted a while back that I had an event to announce. This is a comparatively small deal in the grand scheme of events, but the Town and Country Symphony Orchestra is putting on my piano concert on Sunday February 10th at their annual chamber concert at Parkway UCC on Ballas Road at 2:30 pm. Here's a little teaser video:

There are, of course, CDs for sale through the kickstarter, but I'm honestly just happy if people come and enjoy a little music. It's a bis stringy, but hopefully not too tough. And I'd like to believe the flavor is good. Not too sweet. Not too salty. Depends on taste, of course. I've got spicier stuff, to be sure, but maybe there's just a tiny bit of Russian flavoring to this that some folks might like. Those long chewy melodic lines, say. Anyway . . . there it is. And, well, that's me. Probably not too giant a secret, but there it is.
I should point out that the TCSO has other events too, actually. Including a holiday concert that sadly has no nutcrackers in it. (How do you do winter holidays without rats and mice and kids having nightmares and rich fantasy lives with their toys? Which . . . I don't know . . . maybe I'm biased.) And those other concerts are free too. And some of them come up sooner. Mostly Christmassy stuff on 12/16 at Principia Accademy on Clayton Road. Also 2:30. Scholarship show at Ritenour High School 2/1 at 7:30 pm. Not at all sure what's on that program. Which . . . seems odd come to think of it. But hopefully it will be fun. (It will be free.)

Go. Visit. Find out what we're up to. :)
Good stuff. Congrats and good luck.
^Thank you very much Framer! It's exciting. Been a while since I've had a public performance. (Especially if you mean by anyone other than me.) It's slowly coming together. Will try to update as we get a little closer to concert date.
In the intervening weeks I've gotten a bit distracted, but . . . here's the recording:

Impressive. Nicely done.
^Thank you! Performances have so far been a rare and precious thing for me. This one went well and I am grateful to David Peek, Andreas Boelcke, and the members of the TCSO. Good bunch of folks. Glad you liked it. :)