Frontenac Trailer Park

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Some of these quotes. Face palm.

Stltoday - Frontenac mobile home park again faces uncertain future
“I know people living around here want to see it gone,” she said.

She and other residents are aware that their affordable housing isn’t considered desirable by others in a city where the median home value is in the range of $700,000
But critics said they were concerned about how dense the complex would be, saying it would mar the suburban landscape of the city.

“What does it profit the citizens if we sell the soul of Frontenac for this project?” asked David Johnson, who serves on the city’s board of adjustment. “This kind of project will destroy the ambiance of what is Frontenac.”
Despite the work he has put into the park to improve it and a lack of other affordable options, Wilbret is resigned to the trailer park being replaced. “It’s all about money,” he said. ... 42954.html
The Frontenac trailer park was visited by World Wide Magazine way back when
I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has. Still, I feel for those currently living there.

BTW, I see nothing wrong with Frontenac wanting to maintain their low-density zoning. It's not like it's in the urban core. There's a great demand for those 1 acre lots with large homes and dark, quiet streets. We don't want to push the corporate executives even further out, do we? Different strokes for different folks.