Medical device startup Veniti purchased for $160 million

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Some choice quotes:
Local investors that were able to pull cash out of the deal include Stifel’s Vectis Health Care and Life Sciences Fund II, Holton Capital Group, the St. Louis Arch Angels, Cultivation Capital and Prolog Ventures. Other investors include Baird Capital, Tekla Capital Management, Nitinol Devices and Components and Volcano Capital.

“The most important thing is it’s a tremendous return of capital,” said Rick Holton Jr., partner of Holton Capital Group. “We’ve had this 10-year run of extremely active investment (in St. Louis) and this return of tens of millions of dollars to St. Louis investors will hopefully let them continue to invest and proves we know how to build great companies here and exit them.”
This seems like a promising indicator of ROI potential for well-funded start-ups in St. Louis -- and also provides a cash infusion for those doing the funding.
Yep. This was a huge deal for local start-up investors. Here's another one (although not in STL) that will add tons of cash to local funds: ... f9e48.html