Modern Brewery/Rooftop Restaurant in Webster Groves

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Does anyone have any updates on this? There were a handful of articles on this in the Fall of 2017 but it has been silent ever since. I meant to ask the owner of Olive + Oak when I was eating dinner there a few weeks back but he disappeared before I got the chance. If built as described in the article, this would easily be (in my opinion) the coolest venue in Webster or Kirkwood. ... roval.html
Update on this project (finally). Disappointed they are removing the rooftop portion but I'm also not surprised by that. Also cutting square footage in half but adding more seats (as a result of the retail portion being removed). It's also not clear if Modern Brewery is still associated with this project. It looks like Gret Ortyl of Olive + Oak created the Old Webster Brewing, LLC entity:

Step Forward For Microbrewery/Pub

Webster Groves Council gives preliminary OK to amended permits

by Mary Shapiro
September 07, 2018

Developers of the planned microbrewery/brew pub, banquet center and restaurant at 216 W. Lockwood Ave. are proposing reducing the total amount of square footage and increasing seating planned in the project.

The Webster Groves City Council on Sept. 4 gave first-round approval for amended conditional use permits for the project. A final vote is set for Sept. 20.

Another major change will be the elimination of a rooftop restaurant and moving it into the building, Director of Planning and Development Mara Perry said during a public hearing Sept. 4.

Also, the location of the various uses within the building has been revised, she said.

The development would be located in an approximately 22,000-square-foot building in the former Auto Beauty Specialists building.

Last October, the council approved three conditional use permits with the stipulation that a parking plan must be approved before the projects get building and occupancy permits. The developers are Old Webster Brewing, LLC, Old Webster Events, LLC and Old Webster Hospitality, LLC.

The new plans reduce the total requested square footage from 32,001 to 17,714, though total seating has been increased from 420 to 570. Estimated total employee numbers have increased from 46 to 49.

The new conditional use permits would allow for:

• A 3,748-square-foot microbrewery, to produce about 500 barrels a year, for the rear, or south part, of the building's first floor, along with a 2,260-square-foot brewpub/tasting room in the middle of the first floor.

• A 5,617-square-foot event center, located between the brewery and brewpub/tasting room, that will share a kitchen area with a proposed new restaurant.

• A 4,055-square-foot restaurant in the front of the building, with indoor and a limited amount of outdoor seating. The restaurant/event space would be affiliated with the nearby Olive + Oak restaurant at 102 W. Lockwood Ave.

In addition, there would be 760 square feet of office space, which doesn't require conditional use permits. Plans are to eliminate an original proposal for a couple of retail stores. ... ryPub.html
"It's also not clear if Modern Brewery is still associated with this project. It looks like Gret Ortyl of Olive + Oak created the Old Webster Brewing, LLC entity"

The Old Webster Brewing LLC dates back to last year when the conditional use permits were originally requested so that doesn't necessarily mean Modern is out. But, the space for the microbrewery has been cut from 11,570 square feet to about 3,750 with estimated production falling from 7,500 barrels to 500. The CEO of Modern wanted to make this his main operations site. That no longer seems like it would work. That's kind of a bummer.

See this article from October 2017: ... roval.html