Tap Train

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FYI for craft beer enthusiasts in Midtown/Downtown West. Every Sunday afternoon a group of local breweries are running a free shuttle that allows you to visit several locations without having to do all the driving. The locations are currently: Twisted Roots, Center Ice, Wellspent, Urban Chestnut's original location and Brick River Cider. The Center Ice stop is also on the same block as Pappy's and Southern.
Is there a link to this?
There was this story from Feast Magazine:

http://www.feastmagazine.com/the-feed/s ... fe593.html

You can get the details from posts about it on Center Ice Brewery's Facebook page. It's the same shuttle they use for taking people to the Blues games during the season.

Basically for now it is Sundays from 1 to 6 for the next three weeks.
I like the idea of being sort of a cooperative effort between all of those breweries to get some more Sunday business. Myself, I would probably just walk to/from Center Ice, UCBC and Wellspent.. they're pretty close together. But I like that they're including Twisted Roots, Brick River, and (maybe) Schlafly though. Perhaps they consider Schlafly to be too macro to the point that it will hurt their sales. Twisted Roots and Brick River are a little far to walk, especially after a few beers.
I wondered if Schlafly opted out just because they are the only one with a sizable parking lot and they thought they might become the Park n Ride for the whole operation. Nothing a business wants more than a bunch of people who have just been to six breweries hopping into their cars to drive home on company property.