Give STL Day

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Today is "Give STL Day" where numerous local charities are accepting donations from one central website. Several good causes there and obviously everyone can gift (or not) however they desire but I wanted to bring this up as there are several "civic minded" charities that I feel could help STL as a whole. Just a few include Arch Grants, Launchcode, Trailnet, Downtown Neighborhood Association, and something called "St. Louis Civic Pride Foundation". Many many others too. I doubt any are not in need of funds.

We talk a lot on this forum about bettering St. Louis and there are lot of organizations on here that further this goal that we all share. I do not work for any of these organizations, but figured I'd put some money up for several organizations that have similar interest. Figured the biggest knock with Amazon was a lack of pipeline for talent so Launchcode helps and Arch Grants attracts existing talent to STL so these are a few of the ones I will donate to as a result.

Would love to hear other ideas for giving for the greater good of St. Louis (could be a charity on that page or something beyond that).
I'd encourage everyone to support the Community Development Corporations and other neighborhood development groups around the City. It's been a tough decade for all of them, and we have lost many because of shrinking community, corporate, and government support.

Old North Saint Louis Restoration Group is particularly close to my heart, but they all need more support.
Agreed. I hope these smaller organizations get a lot of love, as they certainly make an impact.