7th Street Pedestrian Corridor

Downtown construction activity, including hotel projects, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc.
I apologize if this has been posted but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Has there been talk about this? Seems like a big win since no city funds are being used. If there is already a thread point me to it or take this post down.

http://www.kmov.com/story/37230852/mult ... n-friendly
Wow, this is a pleasant surprise. This should hopefully make that stretch more attractive...there are so many f-ing garages to pass when walking down 7th. I wonder how they are going to deal with that awkward garage ramp near Pharaohs Donuts?

I bet the developer making the private donation is Amos Harris of the MX.
Am I right in saying that 7th street is also the part of the new Ballpark Village plans that sort of re-does the street grid, only as a closed off pedestrian-only street between Clark and Walnut? If so, that only makes this better. Pretty excited to hear this.

On that note, the private developer could also be the Cardinals, though it would *shock* me if they did something like this without trying to bask in the good publicity from it.
Amos Harris has been wanting this as a connection between Wash Ave and the Stadium for some time. I know he mentioned it in the profile article of him that was done 5 years ago or so. It's probably not the corridor I would have chosen. I think he's a bit biased and self serving, having it pass his own properties of MX and Railway Exchange. Personally, I would have gone with 8th or 9th street.
Now work on Tucker for pedestrians but this is great news. Hopefully it does help with that perception that downtown isn't pedestrian friendly. Well it isn't that friendly but this is a start
I was already thinking that of this! Great to see it was more than just my own imagination. With Washington Ave already established, and Busch Stadium the people magnet that it is, a north/south corridor of some kind is needed to connect the two. I hope they don’t depend solely on 7th Street, and improve other north/south corridors too.