#mySTL- new effort by downtown stl inc

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This is the project that launched today to put the spotlight back on Downtown

They’re also on twitter, Instagram and Facebook
Landing page is pretty sloppy. Good idea though
I feel like this is a half-assed marketing attempt that will in no way translate to any significant change necessary for Downtown growth. There's another thread that recently featured a couple pages focused on the spending of CID dollars and my opinion is that this should be added to "waste" list.
Yeah, not sure I understand where this is heading, nor the significance of the tag to downtown. I, of course, understand that a vibrant St. Louis needs to start with a vibrant downtown, but *my* St. Louis includes so much more than downtown.

Still, I support the mission.
This letter from the CEO should probably be a pop on the city to explain the effort

Walking through Downtown St. Louis evokes a sense of civic pride for a city with 253 years of history and its share of highs and lows. It’s awe-inspiring: the detail of the architecture, the many views of the Gateway Arch, the bodegas, food carts and buskers; City Hall and the court buildings. Our city boasts many successes: our leadership in fur trade and garment manufacturing, and now in bio-medicine and plant science; the most World Series wins in the National League and one of the largest and most engaged fan bases in Major League Baseball; a long and consequential history of fighting for civil rights. And our city is no stranger to, often self-imposed, challenges: The Delmar Divide and the segregation of our region; the Great Fire of 1849; the population loss of the 1970’s and 80’s; our undeniable crime problem. With so much to think about, it’s easy to lose sight of the humanity that surrounds us.

Today, right now, St. Louis is writing its next chapter. Or maybe it’s a new book. One thing is for sure: each and every one of us fills its pages, for better or for worse. Downtown St. Louis is, should be, and can be a reflection of our region. Peace and prosperity are not achieved by agreeing with each other, but through creating, together, a place that is truly for all of us: a St. Louis where we all have access to quality of life and happiness; where our many amenities are shared by all, and we face challenges as a united front; a city that attracts high impact projects from which we all benefit because our foundation is strong.

Downtown St. Louis aims to be a catalyst for regional growth, racial equity and civic progress, and Downtown STL, Inc. is committed to that work. Today, the heart of our metropolitan area is in the midst of transformation. Even where we can’t see it, progress is underway. But, we know that work is not all engineering and politics. Each of us is responsible for the culture we create and enjoy, and we would be doing ourselves and each other a disfavor if we did not tell the stories of the people, projects, places and organizations who make up our city’s DNA. There is beauty all around us!

In an effort to build stronger relationships between Downtown St. Louis and the people of our region, and to gain and influence a better understanding of who we are, inside and out, #mySTL was conceptualized. #mySTL is a storytelling initiative that aims to lift up the stories that never make headlines: the untold, the underappreciated, the unique. #mySTL is a platform for sharing ideas, gathering community insight and showcasing the Downtown that we are, want to be and can be. It is our hope that #mySTL will become an outlet for sharing the good, for crafting and contributing to productive narratives, and for raising awareness around the many incredible things happening throughout our city.

#mySTL is powered by Downtown STL, Inc., along with a team of skilled, thoughtful, and passionate content creators who believe in our mission to celebrate the Downtown that we are, while helping us to become the Downtown we want to be, and know we can be when we include all. We encourage the many communities throughout the region to share ideas and feedback and to offer story suggestions, and we welcome submissions and contributor inquiries. We hope that residents and visitors of Downtown St. Louis will share positive moments, and creative ideas and visions for our city through the #mySTL hashtag. We know it can be difficult to focus on the positive when we have so much work to do, but we genuinely believe that lifting up these stories that so often go untold will help and guide us in that work.

We look forward to your input and, hopefully, your participation. Here’s to St. Louis!

– Missy Kelley, President & CEO of Downtown STL, Inc.
This is not about this particular website, but i hope when this and other local organizations promote St Louis to outsiders/businesses they'll talk about something more than just St Louis being very affordable. I hate that this is always the first thing mentioned.