Forsyth Pointe

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^Yep. And to think that Forsyth used to be considered Clayton's showcase street.
wabash wrote:
Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:35 pm
Having not learned any lessons from Downtown St. Louis, the garagification of Downtown Clayton continues.
What do you mean by this? There shouldn't be a garage with this building?
stlien wrote:What do you mean by this?
Garagification is the construction of numerous large monolithic facades that sit empty for large portions of any day and don't put any eyes on the street - creating a monotonous, uninviting, uninteresting and forboding streetscape. While the effects from a single street-facing garage can be mitigated (e.g. the Loop parking garage or the a lesser extent the Schlafly Library garage), multiple garages can start to undermine the appeal and character of blocks or entire stretches of a business district - particularly when smaller, more varied buildings are demolished to accommodate them.

Until 10 years ago Forsyth had a single 6 story garage along it, despite having seven 8+ story office towers (including one over 20 stories). Forsyth Point would be the 4th new 6+ story garage in 10 years for a building with only 6 stories of office space. That's some significant garagification.
stlien wrote:There shouldn't be a garage with this building?
It's not a matter of should or shouldn't. If Clayton is okay with tearing down smaller, varied buildings for garage facades directly along their premier corridor (which they seem to be at this point) then that's their decision to make.
The garage bothers me a lot less when behind or above retail. I don't know that they need that much, but at least there's still space for street level activity. And the added height and mass is nice.
A garage per se doesn't bother me too much, but when it's as ugly as this one, then I get pretty durned upset. It's just a huge, massive, FU to the aesthetics of Forsyth in particular, and Clayton in general.
That would make the difference, I genuinely prefer the garage facade to 75% of what it's replacing. Different tastes, I suppose. I want to save brutalism and mid-century modernism, but I don't honestly care that much for neo-Palladian, even if I admit it is what Clayton was at one time. You have found the style I would gleefully reskin.