City Foundry- $340M Lawrence Group Plan

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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aprice wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 10:23 am
So they included a building on the Nation Register nomination so they could demolish it and get HTC on a new building that kind of looks like it?
Sorry, I've never worked on a NRHP "Complex" before. But I can't say I've ever heard of NPS requiring a building to be built in a certain style because of the building that was demolished to make way for it. Especially brown corrugated metal. I could understand them requiring certain materials and proportions, similar to the Preservation Board. This is also the first time I've seen HTC used to make something uglier.
Seems like it. Ever wonder what happened to that awesome apartment high rise that was in all of the old renders? I think the original plan, something like over a year and a half ago, was to demolish that warehouse and build the new apartment tower in its place. NPS said no, something similar in feel and height needs to replace it. It is what it is.

I've worked on a few state, federal and combined state and federal HTC projects, and they are definitely a challenge. There's a fine line between getting what you want that is new and modern, and getting what NPS wants (which is usually what you don't).
I'm still gonna call BS on Lawrence Group. This is value engineering at its finest. That Alamo Drafthouse rendering is hideous.
Can't please em all! If they want to make someone happy, it's the ones financing the thing. :roll:
They won't get historic tax credits on the new construction. That is an ineligible expense. However, in approving the demolition of contributing portions and the new construction on the overall project anywhere that falls within what is included in the nomination they get to have a say. What NPS and SHPO says is all that matters. Like it or not. You can try and negotiate particulars, but they have statutory authority to make a determination. What we don't know is if the change from the brick design of the new construction to the corrugated steel was stipulated, or if that was a cost savings. We do know the high-rise construction was not allowed by NPS.

No tax credits would mean they could do whatever they want, but it would also mean no project (at least a project that reuses many of the buildings in the complex).
I’m starting to fear this project will end up looking more like the Chesterfield outlet mall than the cool design we were first shown. I agree the Alamo looks particularly boring, but to be fair, if you go to their website and look at pics of their other theaters across the country, most of them are very bland looking.
^^ I 'm a bit confused as to what the NPS did not allow with new construction.... they allowed new office tower but not new residential at same site?
My concern is the apparent complete lack of shade around the whole complex. Rendering shows people enjoying the nice outdoor seating but that place looks BRUTAL on a 90+ degree day
I have faith in Lawrence Group. They have always done good work in the past and I am hopeful this will continue that trend.
Has anyone found a reported anticipated jobs number? I’m specifically interested in the number of jobs that will be created not relocated.
STLrainbow wrote:
Fri Jul 27, 2018 1:42 pm
^^ I 'm a bit confused as to what the NPS did not allow with new construction.... they allowed new office tower but not new residential at same site?
The new office tower is on the "Phase 2" portion of this project, which is on the site that is closer to Ikea where that 1 story warehouse was already demolished. That site is not a part of the phase 1 historic complex, so anything can be built there and NPS has no say since it is not receiving any tax credits.

The apartment tower that was originally shown to replace the existing warehouse (now going to be rebuilt for Alamo Drafthouse) was within the boundaries of the Phase 1 historic complex, so NPS nixed it since there never was a high rise built on the site previously.
^thanks. Interesting that they decided to go with all office and not put any residential in the NPS-free zone... if they're able to land tenants mostly new the city I think that's the best route but it seems more speculative.
STLrainbow wrote:
Mon Jul 30, 2018 11:02 am
^thanks. Interesting that they decided to go with all office and not put any residential in the NPS-free zone... if they're able to land tenants mostly new the city I think that's the best route but it seems more speculative.
I hope a residential component comes back to this development. I wonder if the overall goal for this development is to control that block from Vandeventer to Grand with the exception of the fire house and the SLU dorm. at opposite ends. Maybe that apartment tower comes back in on the Crescent electric site, or where those crappy Fair St Louis warehouses are.
Lots of work underway this morning with a crane on site and workers demoing the roof structures.
^ Thanks for posting the article & pic. Anyone have thoughts on the possibility of the southernmost building happening sooner than later? Anyone like the earlier renditions better? A lot of competition between another Wexford building or two in its footprint, Koman's CORTEX property and Lawrence Group going all in its marketing.

Environmental remediation on Phase 2, which covers four acres, began in June. The second phase will offer three new commercial buildings and a parking structure. Lawrence Group, the developer, partnered with the Cortex Innovation Community and is marketing this new phase to technology firms. Smith said the southernmost building on the site is preliminarily slated to encompass 200,000-square-feet and rise 16 stories, including parking, above Vandeventer at I-64
Drove past the other day after construction was finished for the day. The barricades out on Forest Park are intense! Gives me a Berlin Wall feel. Place your bets on how long till they're covered with graffiti.

The metal panels on the big vertical portion of the food hall roof on the south side of the foundry along 40 are coming down. They give you a quick glimse of the interior when taking 40 west. Those I believe are getting replaced with curtain wall glazing.

It'll be nice to have Spring St. connect further down towards the highway to that smaller planned surface lot. That giant window in the PunchBowlSocial space is huge, and will only get better when that portion is removed.



Kind of fun to look at these two photos next to each other:


They have a construction camera up and live now.
Some history, apologize if this was posted earlier:
^Neat! Thank you! If it was posted previously I at least missed it. Quite the history there. (And quite the awful reskin on the old office building too. Maybe that'll get stripped off one day.)
Spring Street semi truck parking deck has been demoed and now getting regraded to slope down towards 64/40.


Demo has started on the existing warehouse where Alamo Drafthouse will be located. Very limited days for it, I can't imagine it takes much effort to demo.

$32M and $2M building permit issued
Four minute video focused on The Foundry, but also exploring CORTEX etc. ... QDXCoDGnII
^Excellent catch! Particularly neat to hear the employment numbers and his residential predictions. I'm not sure when we will finally turn the corner, but I expect when we do growth will look impressive fast. (In part thanks to the artificially low population, to be fair.)
I'm not sure if Steve Smith gets his due in our town, the impact he has had on South Grand, Grand Center and downtown has been vital to move these neighborhoods along. He is a visionary and probably most importantly has remained financial solvent over a long run. I put him in the same group as Leon Strauss, the Gills, Koplars and Joe Edwards. People say that we have been a national leader in historic restoration and renovation. Perhaps someone should put together some sort of memorial to celebrate those who are responsible. They are just as vital as any other sports star, politician or celebrity we build statues for.