The Peach Building - 1115 Pine Street

Renovations and new residential construction in downtown St. Louis, Washington Avenue, the Old Post Office, etc.
I have seen this building listed on stllofts but I have heard nothing about the project and I can't picture the buildings location.

The address is 1115 Pine Street.

It is the building abutting Tanner B's (formerly Mickey's) on the west. The building is actually painted peach (or was last time I checked). Maybe three or four stories with ground level retail. A few restaurants have come and gone in that space over the last few years... Sorry, no pics.

This is all the city has listed on the project: ... 69&isRes=1

Peach Buildings

1115 Pine St

St. Louis, MO 63101

Conversion of former retail/office building into condominiums.

Project Cost $ 0

Status Completed

I think that it has people living in it already.

Yes, people have been living there for a while. They are rental units. I know someone who had been leasing there since at least 2002.

Nobody is currently living in the Peach Building, but the apartments had been occupied until about a year ago. The owners of Tanner B's bought the building and rumor has it that it will be renovated for residential uses...again.

JivecitySTL wrote:
The owners of Tanner B's bought the building and rumor has it that it will be renovated for residential uses...again.

I was curious as to what was happening with this building and asked Tanner B's owner Dan Brown about having bought this building, and he said that they hadn't. I checked the Assessor's Office online database and found it to be owned by N & C PROPERTIES at 2525 South Big Bend.
$635,000 building permit issued to Pete Rothschild for multi-family residential conversion.

And nearly a decade bump.
^ cool, I remember that building being mentioned among several that were offered up for potential residential due to the SLU Law move.... I didn't know before seeing ^^^ though that there were rentals there in the early naughts so its great to get people back in. (Too bad Pyramid kicked out all those seniors in the Jefferson Arms.) This won't be the biggest of projects but these smaller ones add up.

I'd love to go back 10 years ago btw for a Lobster special at Tanner B's.
This building has been renovated including the apartments and retail. The retail space is being filled by a meal/grocery delivery service The building is no longer painted peach.

Also, new marketing efforts appear underway for the sale/lease of the neighboring vacant Tanner Bs.
^ The massive garage and adjacent surface parking make this a very undesirable place to live IMO. Surrounding properties are just ugly.
^ the bleak garage is a bummer. fwiw, Red Brick tweeted earlier this week that there are 3 units still left out of 6, so I guess neither great nor terrible for a few months on the winter market. Nice to see a biz come in as well.

Hopefully the Tanner B's building will move forward with something, and the law firm should start work before long on that other building,