^ i many be wrong but i feel like this has been on the news before. the neighbors have been battling it for years. it's absolutely insane. i really hope they get together and sue the crap out of Drury.
pattimagee wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:31 am
There's been updates to this project:


this is amazing. a big round of applause to whomever is behind that account.
^^ yeah there's zero chance of a 25-story anything. like Mayor said, lab space is expensive--lots of specialized systems and backup systems that you don't have in an office building. i'm guessing this development will comprise 2 or 3 six-ish story buildings similar to the McKinley Research Bldg at T...
^ definitely not. and JCM is definitely not a giant hypocrite (voting against Spencer's public vote on airport privatization bill) and on Reed's payroll (which apparently is somehow not illegal in this shit-show of a city).
I liked the initial rendering with wood panels and more brick. Then, of course, they switched to cheaper materials. I actually don't mind the COR-10 panels but I don't like the blue ones and there are just too many overall. Also, I think the painted cardboard roof line looks terrible. I'd actually p...
^^ i'm all for listening to *valid* concerns (public rights of way, appropriate zoning, etc.) but 90% of the time the "concerns" are just selfish, out-of-touch bullsh*t: OMG not enough parking! But where will the squirrels live?!
cteclipse wrote:
Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:32 pm
I'm all for the re-entry and even merger, however I don't like the crime dilution reason either.
i mean, this gets talked about a lot, but it's hardly the main impetus for the merger.
^ yep. the more i see of this the more i absolutely hate it. what's the point in retaining the service station? if there absolutely has to be a parking lot, put it where the service station is, extend the container building to cover at least 2/3 of the site, and put the coffee shop/wine bar in the c...
The Mayor wrote:
Tue Jan 15, 2019 2:55 pm
Until then I'm tired of listening to these tech bro dweebs (looking at you and your tunnel for Teslas, Musk) attempting to undermine public transportation.
Ah! Beat me to it. Great minds...
I'm very sorry, but at best Transit X is vapor from well meaning but ill informed novices. At worst it's a straight up scam. Literally everything you see is time tested technology. The stuff is used in amusement park rides. It's used in technology fairs and futurist settings because it looks neat. ...
newstl2020 wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:01 pm
R.I.P. 4-eva, Century Building.

Every time I see that f*cking garage I wanna gouge my eyes out with a screwdriver.
Yikes. That "quality of life" score is pretty dismal. Not bad to be ranked with some of these other cities though.
^ As someone who lives in KC I always laugh at phrases like this. St. Louis is more of a city already then nearly every other Midwestern city I've ever been too, Chicago excluded. I also see tons of high-quality urban development featured on this very site, like the project on the opposite side of ...
Compelled to make an account to respond to this... Looking east and west along Fyler from 5540. This is exurban level density in the middle of the city. It's embarrassing and completely antithetical to the purpose of a city. https://i.postimg.cc/qRywgY3P/5540-Fyler-East.png https://i.postimg.cc/FFJ...
Hawatmeh lists numerous reasons for the downturn in the downtown Copia's business: Ballpark Village; protests; parking-meter enforcement in the early evening, which he says cut into Copia's happy-hour business, and on Saturday, which he says dissuaded diners from staying late on Friday and leaving ...
again, embarrassing. this town can't city to save it's life.
that area is basically a suburb. it's embarrassingly sparse for a city, actually. teeny-tiny little single-family homes each with its own driveway and massive yard. i'm sure the neighbors and the alderman will fight anything that's not single family homes with giant yards. again, this is why we need...
^^ not arguing for or against this, but would it make sense to consolidate government in Clayton rather than downtown given that Clayton is more central to the merged region? People in West County now think downtown is all of the sudden safe, if they currently don't think it is? People in Denver now...
^ Thanks!
Former downtown YMCA site sold to Colorado firm with Walton family ties

https://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/new ... -firm.html

Behind paywall. Anybody care to provide a synopsis and/or full text?
^ good.
^ probably ease of maintenance, unfortunately.
^ please. please. Mr. Dilettante was my father. Call me "urban".
^ i don't know. i think the decline of the CWE in the 60's/70's was probably a symptom of the the general decline/emptying out of the city. i don't think converting mansions to multi-family causes decline, per se. but the reality is that a city can't support successful public transit or small busine...
^ looks like it but 4323-29 is only one lot away from Boyle and the west side of the Boyle/Westminster intersection is ripe for some multifamily infill (currently 2 surface lots). east side too (grass). some of the mansions may have been converted to multifamily or office already. 4331 (?) for examp...