Drawings, comment, etc. from a local blog:

jshank83 wrote:
Thu Mar 07, 2019 3:18 pm
‪Airport commission meeting notes. ‬

‪The airlines (driven by Southwest) are doing their own privitzaion study. ‬

‪Cost per enplaned passenger down to $8.87‬
Are these two unrelated points or did the independent privatization study show that with privatization the cost would go down?
I always assumed that if turnstiles were built, they would be this kind:

In addition to some potentially great rivalries in Chicago and, especially, Kansas City. Don't forget there will be a team in Nashville starting in 2020. If you look at how MLS might want to align itself into conferences, St. Louis makes more sense than another team on the west coast. Also, soccer ...
Bartender at the Amsterdam is not impressed. Thinks it is ugly and claims "nobody likes it". Although he does admit it is better than the car wash.
It doesn't look like there are many restaurants in the adjacent blocks. How about a food truck park? Could you get 3 trucks in that space with a small outdoor dining area?
https://callnewspapers.com/county-cities-backing-board-of-freeholders-over-better-together-plan/ So I guess this is the alternative. It just seems like anything a Board of Freeholders would come up with would be half measures that don't really have the impact a reunification plan will need to be su...
^RBB I agree, that nearest corner in the rendering looks like an overhang but then further along the wall it doesn't. It's like an Escher drawing.
Not much new here but a good summary of the situation:

https://www.forbes.com/sites/prishe/201 ... e491cc79d7
I have seen many people comment here, on twitter and elsewhere that St. Louis is somehow behind because we don't have a rendering of a stadium. I just don't get that. The land is nowhere near ready to be built upon. I think at this point if you can say "We have the land, the money and the ability to...
^Civic leaders in West County would not survive past the next election if they proposed anything of the type.
Would it be possible to extend Papin as a walk/bike path west from where it currently ends to the sidewalk on Grand? That would at least give a more or less direct pedestrian route from this site to the Metrolink and bus stops on Grand without having to deal with walking across multiple train tracks.
I don't have anything suitable to post. Most of my pictures are from that same general area so it wouldn't be much fun. Somebody else, have at it.
2814 Locust. Not sure if that is the actual address but that's what street view has. Needed the winged wheel to help me place it. I knew I had walked past it many times.
^ Maybe we can at least hope for pushing the building out to the sidewalk at the corner and all parking will be behind or along one side.
2647 Locust is one of my favorite buildings in that area. I hope they don't get rid of the spiral fire escape on the east side of the building.
But single-family-zoning, on it's own, is not racist. Neither are voter ID laws, but the intent behind the application of such policies can be questionable. It is often clear what the impact will be. At the very least it can be said that the people implementing these policies are okay with the fact...
The reddish tabs extending from the metal facing seem to indicate they will being attaching something. I think it might come out pretty close.
I seem to recall being told once that there were caves under some of that green space between Market and Chestnut, I think in the area between 15th and 18th. That's all just unsubstantiated rumor but may explain why there's never been an effort to build there.
Has anybody seen details on the structure of this league? Are all the teams owned by the league and all salaries determined by the league? Will it be a huge shock when the two teams in the final the first season are the two with the best attendance/viewership numbers?
I just hope this doesn't get turned into "AB InBev's Oktoberfest USA brought to you by Michelob Ultra". I can see them throwing a ton of money at this which organizers would have a hard time turning down. I would rather they be left out of it completely.
^Even the small vestigial section west of 20th Street? I would happily see that section developed in tandem with the soccer stadium once the highway interchange is moved. As is it's useless. I may be mistaken but I thought the original stadium plans from two years ago had that area laid out as a fo...
Rockwell Beer Company is set to open this Thursday, November 29. They won't have their own beer on tap until the weekend or maybe early next week.

https://www.saucemagazine.com/a/57981/f ... -the-grove
^This makes no sense. Why would anyone be expected to pay up front for something that may or may not happen 20 years from now. Set a number you want to see in the account by 2028 with milestones every two to four years to show that progress is being made. Pay into that account with revenue from the ...
That rendering looks a little cartoonish. Do they really intend to do away with the alley that runs through the middle of that block?

I'm in favor of any owner that would take better care of the green space on the NE corner of this area (21st and Washington).