Northside Regeneration

Discuss construction activity, major renovations, office projects, streetscape improvements, etc. in North City -- defined by the area north of Delmar Avenue.
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Too little, too late, but still welcome news. Doesn't get McKee off any of his properties immediately, but I wonder if this starts the ball rolling for Bank of Washington to foreclose on everything. Doesn't mean they will sell it for a reasonable price either. It's all a big mess that could have been avoided had a few more members of the Board of Aldermen listened to the citizens that knew what was going on.
So what happens to the properties? Will they be sold off individually? Or does the City have a new developer lined up. Does anyone want to buy the properties? Is it now the city's responsibility to stem property deterioriation?
Northside Regeneration, LLC still owns all the properties that they have acquired since 2003. That won't change until someone doesn't pay the taxes long enough, or the lender allows a sale or forecloses. They could also fix all of the stated problems in the notice of default within 30 days and get back in good standing. That seems a little unlikely.
Of all the McKee shenanigans, Lacy Clay's comments might infuriate me more than anything. Just willful ignorance and rhetoric because McKee is willing to line Clay's pockets with donations.
jbacott wrote:
Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:29 pm
Of all the McKee shenanigans, Lacy Clay's comments might infuriate me more than anything. Just willful ignorance and rhetoric because McKee is willing to line Clay's pockets with donations.
on public reports Mckee has ONLY given Clay $7,500 but the piece in the Biz Journal was probably written by former Clay Chief of Staff and current McKee lawyer, Darryl Piggee. Who also happens to represent Carr Square Tenant Corp, which owns 2.5% of Northside Regeneration LLC, and its the reason the Hubbard family will do anything to hold on to the 5th ward alderman spot, because father Hubbard is the President of that org, while daughter Hubbard is the alderman and while the son hubbard while a state rep introduced a bill for Land Assemblage tax credits at the Missouri Legislature in 2007 that allowed McKee to get all the properties. Mother Hubbard is the one who got her ass kicked by Bruce Franks in a special election after she got caught cheating in the Dem Primary.
^I'd love to see someone go in depth in the web of money, politics, and organizations... expand upon this to explain the extent of potential conflicts of interest.
Missouri Attorney General files suit against McKee: ... 11197968C6
So, the gas station and the grocery store (link below) are both fenced off and currently under construction. I saw them when I drove through to the northside yesterday... does all this Mckee stuff put those on hold, or is all this a ploy to get him to pay for stuff when he's already got a leg-in? or both? ... 23829.html
They're still actively working on both? I drove by a few months ago and the fence was up and it looked like they had begun construction, but the site was pretty dead. My understanding was that construction was going at a snails pace, when it was happening.
The steel for the roof on the grocery building has been going up and the gas station is framed up. Workers are there everyday, but not the quickest pace I have ever seen.

This little massively subsidized project is unaffected by the default declaration because it is under different ownership and already underway. The New Markets Tax Credits, TIF, and USDA grant will not be unwound, even if the subsidy should have never been offered for what is not much more than a gas station just a block from another big gas station that also sells some produce (of questionable quality, but it is there).
The City's fight with McKee seems to be slowing down other projects:

Image ... 93A4F9A75A
I don't understand why Messenger is so defensive of McKee. That whole column sounded like a PR piece for McKee. This potential developer doesn't need anything from the City, and the legal issues between McKee and the City have no bearing on whether this guy can proceed or not. I'm more skeptical of him never having built a house before and now he wants his first project to be 250 houses in North St. Louis.