Where in St. Louis am I?

Showcase the beauty and grit of St. Louis in pictures.
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It looks like a hospital chapel.
Union Memorial United Methodist Church, 1141 Belt Ave, near Page and Bartmer.
symphonicpoet wrote:
Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:37 am
I was trying to decide between churches and mid-century modernism myself, so . . . I'll follow your lead and do both:

the chapel at Lambert
Urban Dilettante for the win!

There are some hospital chapels on my list, actually. Just . . . haven't gotten them yet. Was worried I was going to have to post a clue but man, would it be a trick to find one that wasn't too obvious. Thank you for solving the problem for me UD.

All right, one at a time now. He's some more conventional revivalist religious architecture:

My gut tells me that's somewhere on the campus of Concordia Seminary.
The style is not wrong, but I don't think there's anything on Concordia's campus that's simultansouely so bricky and gothic revival with that modern twist. Either it's brick and straight up contemporary or it's revivalesque in stone. Been a while, I grant, but this is elsewhere in any case.

A different view of the same structure. Ordinary parish grade.

Every church this reminds me of is made of stone, not brick. Can you give another clue?

That's . . . uh . . . much bigger than strictly necessary. But it does give you a nice detail or two that might help. Since it's one more revival church in a city with dozens, or maybe hundreds of them.
St. Elizabeth Mother of John the Baptist Catholic Church at Shreve and Carter in Penrose!

I realized that I have a secret weapon, a flickr album with 250+ photos of STL Churches... Even if I'd consulted it earlier though, I wouldn't have gotten this one. There truly are so many similar churches in STL! I snapped this one back in 2013:

Hope I'm not getting too far ahead of myself by assuming that I got the last question correct, but here's another photo - where in St. Louis am I?
O'Fallon Park (thanks to Apple maps)
O'Fallon Park (thanks to Apple maps)
That is correct! Which is surprising for Apple Maps!!
STLExplorer . . .

Correct, of course. St. Bets, Mother of Dunkin Jack. Not quite as famous as the Franks, but a lovely little church, nevertheless. And yes, we have more than our fair share of similar ones.

And well done Shad. I was still searching through my list of parks with ponds. Scouring around Fairgrounds Park when I saw you'd answered. There's some spots around both Benton and Fairgrounds that are . . . close . . . but not quite correct.

Anyway, if you want to go I'll leave it to you, Shad, otherwise I can do some non-church Midcentury Mod.