Drury Inn and Suites Twin Towers - Medical Center

Construction activity, major renovations, office projects, etc. in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
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Some more info in PD article. I misunderstood the MoDOT excess property/right of way sale as I thought it was secured by Drury Family in its entirety a few years ago. Instead, the article notes that both Wash U real estate arm and Drury have secured MoDOT excess right of way property in the area.

A bunch of speculative thoughts. Did Wash U real estate arm pull a fast one and put in a favorable bid? Did Drury assume that it would be easy pickings to assemble all the properties so low balled MoDOT? Did MoDOT change things up and broke out its excess properties into multiple parcels?

https://www.stltoday.com/business/colum ... 9cdf9.html

Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation's Forest West Properties recently acquired the excess right of way from the Missouri Department of Transportation.

The 1.7-acre site is at the norhwest edge of the rapidly redeveloping Forest Park Southeast neighborhood, and just south of the highway from the BJC Hospital and Washington University Medical Center campus.

The Washington University real estate company acquired the property from MoDOT in early June.


However, it's no secret Drury Development, an arm of the hotel company, has been interested in the area. It owns the stretch of vacant houses along Kingshighway in between Arco and Oakland avenues as well as several properties just to the east within the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. Charles L. Drury, the CEO of the company, also owns two properties to the north, just south of Gibson Avenue and the former MoDOT right of way.
I'm just wondering how many more decades we have to wait for Drury to stop banking their land and actually build something?
I am hoping someone submits a good proposal for this site other than the Drurys. They have not been very communicative with the neighborhood, but the latest report I have heard is that there would be substantial demolition of existing houses in the neighborhood in addition to the ones they own fronting Kingshighway. Hard to say for sure how many since they have not released an in-depth rendering, but the picture from an old Nextstl article gives a good sense.

Basically all of their properties except for the the two on Gibson and eastern most one on Arco, as well as the intervening properties many/most of which they have an option on. They need to build an access road (too hard to use Kingshighway with the interstate on ramps, and the residents on Gibson and Arco did not want to serve as their driveway), and the parking area would be a surface lot.

I am not opposed to a dense development on the site, or a hotel (I don't know how many more hotels the local market can support, but I am sure the Drury's have research on that), but I think the amount of demolition and surface parking is out-of-step with where the neighborhood is going. If they had executed this plan 10 years ago I think the neighborhood would have been happy to accept the investment, a la the Aventura. Intervening projects have raised the bar of what the neighborhood expects (Chroma, Woodward Lofts, 4400 Manchester, 4321 Manchester, Adam's Grove/Vista at Newstead), and I don't think the Drurys have a plan that reflects the new standard.