The District at Crestwood- Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment

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During the UrbanStreet open house when they were first revealing their plans, I asked about why they wouldn't do something similar to the Boulevard given that Crestwood doesn't have a walkable, downtown area like Webster and Kirkwood. The UrbanStreet rep said that the Boulevard was having trouble finding tenants and they weren't getting the rates they originally forecasted. I didn't have any reason to doubt him but it bothered me be because it still seemed like the right kind of development for Crestwood. Hopefully Walpert proves me right.
To me the no brainer would be to turn the whole site into residential and leave retail out of the equation. 63126 is always listed as one of the most desirable zip codes to live in. But alas the reliance on sales taxes overrides the need for practical development.
^The current TIF has a stipulation about the development containing a certain amount of retail space before it provides any benefit to the owners.