Small Change- Benton Park rehab at 2800 Indiana

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2800 Indiana has been rehabbed for a new place opening soon called Small Change. But first it's the location for the Miracle Bar pop-up for the holidays. I haven't been by but I hope the Falstaff sign is in good hands.

STLrainbow wrote:
Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:31 am
Miracle Bar poo-up for the holidays.
Seems like a crappy idea.
^ sorry, I was constipated when I typed that.
I now live directly in between Planter's House and Small Change. I am gonna be hung over and then broke all of 2018.
^ hey, if things get dire for you just know we're all here for you.... kickstarter even if needed.
I went to Miracle -- before I knew it was going to become small change (although the waiter told us about that eventually -- and it was great, and my initial thought upon entering the space was, "How has someone not grabbed this awesome space up in the last 20 years and turned it into a bar? Very happy about this