Creve Coeur NIMBYs

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Creve Coeur residents have just taken the Gold medal in the StL County NIMBY Olympics! This one has it all: fear of outsiders, change and traffic as well as use of coded language with racist undertones.
Yeah, because a vacant office building really enhances the neighborhood!
My favorite suburban NIMBY quote (this one from Des Peres a while ago):

"We are not in favor of making ourselves a target for the outside community. We don't want to lose our safety and privacy. We don't want sidewalks or bike paths; we don't want to be invaded".
I love the quote where the guy says the hotel will cause 24/7 noise and crime. One of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Highly doubt a private collection Hilton hotel will have crime issues. And since when are hotels a loud place? If you buy a house just off Olive Blvd in one of the busiest commercial areas of St Louis metro with 35,000 cars/day and can't handle the noise of people and should take a look at the mirror and say to yourself "I'm an idiot".
Making this a hotel instead of keeping an office building would probably lead to less traffic and noise. I would imagine less people would be staying in it than there would be workers if the building is full. Plus it is ugly as is. It needs a facelift. These arguments are odd.
The hotel project is moving forward: ... otel-plan/