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I am a British ,I want to spend my holiday in St. Louis.Do you guys have any strategies? :lol:
Your interests, budget and length of stay might help target suggestions.
The Botanical Garden is quite special, and should be a hit with any budget and most interests. Ought to speak to the British heart, in any case. Of course, winter is not the ideal season, but any season is worthwhile:



Linnean House
It seems like no one visiting St. Louis should leave without visiting the City Museum.

Bringing Kids? And how long do you have? You should go to the City Museum with or without kids.

There are lots of things for a short stint near downtown, such as the Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour, the Arch of course, the Blues Museum, and take in a baseball game. For a longer trip with a car, you could include a drive to Mark Twain's Hannibal and a ferry crossing of the Mississippi, Cahokia Mounds Native American site, a float trip on the Current River / Route 66 drive - Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.

Golden Eagle Ferry
Hmmm, where to begin? If you really want to experience the river I suggest two things. 1 Cycling the Katy Trail through St. Charles county is pretty great. You cycle alongside or very near the Misssouri River (much prettier than the Mighty Mississippi imo) through and around vineyards and end in old town St. Charles (this is the only cool place in St. Chuck). Lewis and Clark's journey began here.

Also, along the missisippi on the illinois side is quite beautiful. Illinois side affords the best Views imo and none are better than Grafton. Start at the cedar hill resort in Batchtown (best spring rolls in the region, imo) and then party your way down to Grafton and Alton. This is best on a Harley Davidson I might add.

In the city you can't go wrong with anything offered in Forest Park. World renowed zoo, fantastic art museum, and a history museum dedicated to the city and state (all free BTW). The botanical Gardens are also my favorite pace in the city. For an out of towner it should be around $10 dollars admission and it is well worth it.

For entertainment you can check the PEabody Opera House, Fox Theater, Rep in Webster Groves for theatrical shows. Jazz at the bistro and the Sheldon are great venues if you want to hear some Jazz. There are also smaller more local venues throughout the city for some local music.

If you like beer you have come to the right city. Obviously a tour of the AB Brewery in Soulard is always fun, but you can also checkout Schlafly in Downtown or Maplewood. My favorite is Urban Chestnut and their Primary facility is in the Grove Neighborhood. There are dozens of other breweries and like 4 hands Civil Life Alpha etc. All offer something different and interesting.

You should probably go the arch. Its kind of our thing. It is a beautiful monument and true marvel of engineering. Its kind of sad how little play it recieves natinoally because it is a tremendous sight.

IF you want to eat mexican food and then walk it off shopping for antiques check out Cherokee st. This is my favorite corridor in StL. Very active, yet not gentrified (which there isn't very much of in StL).

Other great corridors for food shopping etc are the Delmar Loop, Washington AVenue Downtown, South Grand, Euclid Ave in the CWE.

Clayton is a nice place as well. Its like downtown #2 an ony about 10 miles west of the arch. Very nice restaurants and bars.

If you want to take in some of the architectural beauty of the city I reccomend Soulard, Lafayette Square, CWE, ONSL, Benton Park, and Benton Park west, Shaw, Compton Heights, and many many more I am leaving out.

Lastly, and I hope I don't get skewered for this, St. Louis and North St. Louis in particular are maybe the greatest example in America of the kind of devestation that can be caused by racism and unbridled consumerism. If you type in St. Louis on youtube you will probably find documentaries and videos of urban blight, and there is plenty of it. If you want to see it first hand you can take a drive up to the North Side, it isn't far and see for yourself. Imo, its a powerful experience and is what turned me into an urbanist. There are still great things offered in North St. Louis like Crown Candy Kitchen and Piekutowski Sausage CO. I AM NOT suggesting you go up there and make an exhibition out of other people's pain, nor do I suggest you make it painfully obvious that you are an ignorant tourist. Honestly, travelling through North st. Louis could make you fall in love with this place. I know it did for me.

Oh yeah, if you're tired of the rain in Britain, and are looking for a new locale, you can buy turn of the Century mansions in StL for next to nothing. Just an FYI.