126 Units at Russel and Gravois

Discuss renovations and new residential construction in South City -- defined by the area south of Interstate 44/55.
Fencing is down. Hopefully, they put in trees and landscaping soon. I'm not a huge fan of the shiny metal rails they installed on the lower levels.
I like it a lot, one of the better looking large apartment complexes built recently. Just wish they had been pressured to use brick on the Hwy 55 exposure.
Man, I like the way this looks from I-44/I-55. Sure, it would be nice to have brick on the I-55 side, but the gray adds diversity in color. I'm told those metal things on some windows that make no practical sense to a resident are called Juliette Balconies. I've softened my stance on those, and they break up the uniform look from the Interstates, but they look unnecessary when you get close. Thoughts?

Anywho, much better than the previous building that sat here with a suburban setback and parking lot upfront with cinder block and metal shed construction.

I like it, much better than new construction I've seen in other cities lately.