The State of St. Louis sports

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^That's a tough road to toll, competing against the Cardinals. I can't imagine the attendance would be very good if there is a competing Cards afternoon game. There is also potential for Blues playoff hockey games in the spring (and hopefully someday, late spring/early summer).
I wonder what attendance number the XFL is targeting. Would 10K be good, 15K-20K? Who knows. If they can differentiate their product from NFL football and make it interesting, without adding cheesy or quirky rules, I think the XFL has a better shot of succeeding. I think they need to go the more traditional route, versus the 'He Hate Me' route, which I perceived to be gimmicky. There is also a mindset that many of us would have to get over. I have always perceived football to be a fall sport. I just wonder how much people will get into football in the spring/summer. Will there be the "summer is baseball season" mentality. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the product looks like and what cities they choose. I'd like to see it succeed, but still prefer MLS if I had to choose. I agree that it would be nice to fill 5 more dates at the Dome.
stlien wrote:
Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:35 pm
When we had the Rams, the dome's availability was blocked out for half the year because of the NFL schedule. Everything revolved around the NFL schedule which made it impossible to secure some large events/conventions.
This sounds vaguely familiar—trying to recall an elevator conversation I had with my friends at the Sports Commission several years ago. It was something like (wiggle-wiggle) the NFL had 'first right of refusal' or had to approve any date during the season. It wasn't an ironclad blackout, but added a step that definitely made dates during the football season more difficult to book. My memory is all fuzzy, though.

I'd be surprised if the XFL would have the audacity to do that. And not surprised the NFL did.
As long as they wear spiked armor and carry morning stars, and the ball is wrapped in barbed wire, I'm down.

Otherwise, the "X" is bullsh*t.
Blood Bowl!


Salute of the Jugger!



Okay. Maybe not.

Actually, in an ideal world I want it to be a faster and less spikey football. Fewer concussions. Less armor.