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^ As eee123 points out, they may as well also figure out coverage for contracted guards when they ARE on patrol, because they're useless. I think the article said there are 140 contracted security guards? Not a damn one of them does anything. Whether one "blames" them or not (i.e. due to their low salaries) is immaterial; the fact is that Metro employs 140 people using scarce resources that could be used somewhere - anywhere - else.
Seattle Times - Why Sound Transit doesn't use turnstiles at light-rail stations ... -stations/
Every few years I coordinate a meeting of colleagues in St. Louis. I'm getting all their flights and other reservations coordinated to make an agenda. Some are coming in for the first time and haven't flown into STL before. It just struck me that this is the first time in 15+ years doing this that I'm not even suggesting Metro as an option. I just can't bring myself to do it with how foul and disgusting behavior has gotten on the trains, with almost no police or security oversight. That's pretty sad. We'll get by with Uber/Lyft, taxis, and maybe a shuttle.
Yeah, I'm at the point where I don't recommend anyone use the MetroLink. I'm a daily rider, but it's just terrible. I've been a vocal advocate for public transit and I got rid of my car a couple years ago because I wanted to utilize public transit like I would in any other major city, but there is no defending Metro, at this point. They do NOT care about the safety of its passengers. They will only increase security after a high profile shooting, stabbing, or robbery. It's honestly laughable at this point.

I've taken the train home from Lambert a couple Sundays in a row around 7pm-8pm and it's just open season for people to do whatever they want. Two drunk old guys harassed a couple right next to the driver. The driver, of course, couldn't be bothered even though they were being loud. There was also a group of probably 12 kids yelling on the train constantly from North Hanley all the way to Union Station where I got off.

When I got off at Union Station, I had some kid try and run up on me. Not sure if he was trying to scare me or what, but he ended up tripping over himself and running away. Where was security? They were at a "tactical" position in their car at the top of the Union Station stairs..on their phone.
I had a simliar experience the other night on a late-evening trip from the airport to downtown. I am honestly ashamed of our city when I board the train from the airport with visitors. It's just a free-for-all, open-air drug market and mental health ward on those trains, and no effective security in sight.

I wish Metro could at least reassign their security employees who congregate at the Stadium station during Cardinals games for an entire shift.

They're not preventing any crime, except for maybe a few fare evasions. But they'd have a much greater impact attempting to prevent/respond to actual crime throughout the system rather than just making Cardinals fans feel safe on what are already probably among the safest Metrolink runs.
True or propaganda?

More police, fewer crimes on MetroLink so far in 2018 ... 8#stream/0

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Violent crimes and thefts have decreased by 70 percent on MetroLink trains, stations and parking lots in St. Louis County compared to this time last year, according to St. Louis County Police Captain Scott Melies

How do you measure crime when you aren't present on the system? If a crime happens on Metro and no law enforcement is around to see it, does it make a sound/count as a crime?
^ think about your post and think about it in context of any crime?

ok, good. so now you just realized that police aren't around to witness 99.9999999% of crime, its gets reported to them after that fact.
dbInSouthCity wrote:
Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:49 pm
^ think about your post and think about it in context of any crime?

ok, good. so now you just realized that police aren't around to witness 99.9999999% of crime, its gets reported to them after that fact.
For the cited violent crimes, yes. For quality of life infractions and the overall lack of safety on the system, no way. Melies paints this rosy picture of police flooding the system with 60+ officers (yea, RIGHT) like in times past and restoring order, but those of us there to watch it every single day are just completely aghast at what a lie it is. NO ticket checks, NO enforcement AT ALL in the City, stolen crap being sold up and down the aisles, open smoking, drug deals. Oh, but fewer murders are being reported.

crime has decreased about “10 — 12 percent” in 2018 throughout the system
Yea, and fewer people are riding it, too. I bet if nobody rides, crime will go to zero.

I've been a mass transit supporter for my entire adult life, and I have stopped recommending our transit system to anyone. Just can't do it. ... for-change

They can massage the facts all they want, blame on irregular service, whatever. That is not what made me (and most people I know) stop riding the Metrolink. How is it possible that these people are in such a state of denial?
There was an attempted snatch and grab this morning on the train at Union Station. I was getting ready to get on and thankfully was able to grab the purse from the kid (the security guard that saw him said he looked 16-18) and give it back to the near victim. This kind of sh*t happening during morning rush hour is going to kill the Metrolink.

Yikes. I was wondering why our train was at the station so long. I saw the kid running past the security guard, who made no attempt to stop him.

I get that this might be a complex issue but I just don't understand why Metro is contracted with these third party security companies that do nothing besides standing around. I understand that it is written in the charter that Metro is not allowed to have it's own police force, but why waste money on people who rarely check your fare and stand around doing nothing? Obviously there are some decent security guards that try and make a difference, but they seem to be in the minority.

It's just so frustrating.
The system is subsidized with tax dollars.

That’s one of the reasons News 4 will keep watching out for your money and keep tracking the system.
F*ck off, KMOV.
You'd think actually riding Metrolink would be part of the job description of their employees.

Every single time I use the Delmar station in the evening it's totally obvious that it's badly in need of security. The same can be said of Forest Park station.

If higher ups can't see that, I find it hard to believe they've even ridden the Metrolink on any kind of regular basis.
^ Effectively there is zero security on MetroLink. There is a little bit of security theater and a mediocre attempt at thwarting fare evasion, but 90% of the STL County commissioned police officers that are supposed to be monitoring MetroLink are driving around in $75,000 SUVs and not walking a beat on the platforms or riding trains.