5510 Pershing Tribeca Apts

Renovations and new construction in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
The brick veneer on the front has been slowly but surely going up. They’re slowly making progress but the key word is slowly.
I drove by last week and there were lights on inside. It looked like there was framing by no drywall put in or anything yet, at least for the part I could see.
jshank83 wrote:
Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:04 am
I drove by last week and there were lights on inside. It looked like there was framing by no drywall put in or anything yet, at least for the part I could see.
Saw them working on veneer today. Small team of guys on a lift so I guess it is still moving forward.
addxb2 wrote:
Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:56 am
Yeah. Ive almost wondered at times if they’ve run out of money. The plywood is exposed and is starting to turn green/black in places.

If they’re moving, it’s not quickly.

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They were fixing this yesterday I saw.

Snapped last week
jambo wrote:
Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:23 pm
Snapped last week
Looks like you need to update your account . . . by kicking the photobucket. Yeesh I hate them. Imgur works well. As does Flickr, so long as you their tags right. (They have a sharing button that gives you a variety ofoptions. The BBCode tags work here, and you can edit them quite a lot, if you don't want the titles or links.)
Curses to Photobucks!

One more try!!


One more snap!

The building's so big it's hard to get it all in one shot.
You know, I would not have guessed that was the garage behind those first two levels if I hadn't gone back and looked. That'll be a nice addition when it's done.
^I apologize if I am not reading that correctly, but the garage pictured is the garage for a house behind the project and does not have anything to do with 5510 Pershing.
^I think sp was referring to Jambo's photos, which show how the garage is pretty well masked by the Pershing facing facade.
^That makes sense :D . The garage does appear to be hidden very well in this one, very nice.
^, ^^, ^^^^^^^ . . .

Right. Sorry to be unclear. Wabash is right. I was referring to Jambo's photographs and even earlier photographs and plans that showed the layout of the garage. The resident parking is quite hidden inside.
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Fences coming down.

Charley would be much more useful if he could deliver beer by the case; one drink at a time, not so much. Still, give 'em an "A" for effort!
wow thats blend.
Wait is there not brick going above the first two floors? LOL that looks brutal.
^ well, that looks like crap. and parts of the cladding are still missing on the back side, with the insulation or whatever it is underneath falling apart and flapping around in the wind. it looks like they ran out of money mid-construction.

and of course it lost a brick floor instead of an EIFS floor, even though the whole point of the brick was to simulate the scale of the surrounding buildings.

Its and example of the canary in the coal mine
And in addition it looks like junk and if it is like others I have been in of similar quality late at night when all is quiet you can hear numerous tenants in the building relieving themselves
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hebeters2 wrote:Its and example of the canary in the coal mine
How do?