Clayton: 48 luxury townhomes proposed, NIMBYs go berzerk

Discuss new retail, dining, business and residential projects within the City of Clayton, the center of St. Louis County government.
That's certainly a good point, regarding facing the surface lot and garage.
Let the BANANAs have their victory and get even more bold.
Don't get the hate on townhouses. Would love to see stuff like this in stL.
The Clayton School Board has voted to try to sell this property.


Good luck.
At this point is seems there's really just one type of owner the community would tolerate the School Board selling to..... a school.
framer wrote:
Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:04 am
The Clayton School Board has voted to try to sell this property.


Good luck.
I would think at this point the school board asking price would have dropped and a developer/investor interest would have increased now that Centene is going full steam ahead in CBD.
Also think it is going to be easier for developer to go forward once the property is in private hands as that owner will have every right to install a fence or post no trespassing. A chain link fence/close off the entire property entirely is something that the school district could probably do now but won't have the political stomach to take on the neighborhood backlash and or grief over denying the neighborhood a playground at school district's expense.
The other option which maybe someone can enlighten me but has the city talked to the school district about buying out the property?? Surprised that this option hasn't been talked about publically
"District Contracts to Sell Maryland School to Centene

"The School District of Clayton has entered into a contract to sell the Maryland School property to Centene Corporation (NYSC: CNC). The agreement was finalized earlier this week. Centene is planning to use the building to house its Centene University, which will offer its flagship leadership development program to Centene employees. It will also house its early childhood development center for employees’ children. While significant rehabilitation of the building is needed, Centene is committed to minimizing disruption to the extent possible to the immediate community.

"“We are pleased to have the opportunity to preserve this historic building and maintain it as a place for education for our employees and their children,” said Michael F. Neidorff, Chairman, President and CEO for Centene. “This site has been vacant for many years and is in decay. We look forward to bringing life back into the building.”

"The District recently put the Maryland School back on the market and received seven offers to buy and one offer to lease the property. The Board of Education voted unanimously to move forward with Centene’s proposal.

"“Preserving the historic William B. Ittner building was something we knew was important to the surrounding community,” explained Board of Education President Kristin Redington. “Centene’s proposal not only preserves the building but their vision also maintains the overall character of the site. Furthermore, their offer allowed the Board to make a fiscally-responsible decision that will provide both short- and long-term revenue to support our schools.”

"The District last used Maryland School as an elementary school in 1980. Since being closed as an elementary school, the school has been rented to a private pre-school/elementary school and used as a temporary site for both District’s early childhood program and The Wilson School. Terms of the contract (including sale price) cannot be disclosed until both parties have closed on the sale and the transaction is final."
^Wow. Sounds like a great outcome. I'm sure the neighbors will be very happy.

Kudos to Centene for what sounds like a very expensive peace gesture to the people of Clayton.
Renovation was estimated at $6 million, so if Centene paid $2-4m (wild guess), then it's about 1% of their project cost in downtown. Not a bad price to pay for good will and for extra space for their employees for "leadership development" space and a day care.
Wow, best-case scenario-- I really didn't expect that! Let's see if the NIMBYs on the block complain about the plan because it'll bring more "traffic" to the street.
Actually I went back and checked, the district analysis was $6-8m for renovation back into a functional school building.
Quick update: current Centene plan is $12m renovation of the building with construction of an atrium to fill the U-shape of the building. Sale still hasn't closed.
Time for thread's name to change?, maybe Old Maryland school development or Centene learning & daycare once sale closes.