Monogram - 1706 Washington

Renovations and new residential construction in downtown St. Louis, Washington Avenue, the Old Post Office, etc.
The building has been sold to a KC developer; lofts planned: ... r-cpi.html
Cant read the article. . .did they mention if these would be market rate and not subsidized/artist lofts?
Hopefully market rate but it doesn't specify.
270k sq ft building is pretty large. How many units do you think will be there? At least 200?
The sale includes the parking lots across the street.
Perhaps wishful thinking, but if the developer owns 3 lots, they could put a garage on one of them and open the other two lots to development?
As great as new construction would be, you've got to love the dual benefit of taking commercial vacancy off the books and adding Downtown residents.
^ I don't think the building technically was on the office vacancy rolls as it was single tenant but yeah, we can't get this building back in action soon enough... that's an extremely quiet stretch of Wash Ave.
Here's the (sub-free) Post coverage: ... 76d40.html

again no details really on specific plans.

And a reminder of what CPI did to the Millner Hotel to make way for surface parking: ... d0b65.html

The redevelopment of this building into Lofts is a big jolt to this part of Washington Ave. Hopefully we get some businesses popping up west of 14th.
According to presby, this will have 168 apartments and a ground floor pre-school.

Also, the project is seeking 10 yr. tax abatement and 15 years if it develops the surface lot although I don't know if that is an active plan or not.
The Downtown Neighborhood Association has major concerns about one issue related to this project that I'm interested in hearing about from all of you.

The developers have requested the closure of 17th Street between Washington Avenue and St. Charles Street, and Ald. Davis has filed the following bill: ... BBId=10511

Against. Stop closing streets.
The 1970s called; they want their street-closing-mentality back.
This particular street closing doesn't bother me much. 17th is an odd street.
I should also note that we have contacted Ald. Davis and informed her about our concerns and we are awaiting a reply.
whats the issue?

if you drive north on 17th, you drive into the loading docks of CPI, you cant turn right on St.Charles anyway. Seems like they want the street vacated to use as their main entrance so that Washington isnt clogged up.
These are the main issues:

*Creates a "super-block" from 16th to 18th between Washington and St. Charles
*Will dramatically change traffic flow of pedestrians and vehicles from residential buildings and small businesses in the surrounding area
*The building is already connected to a surface parking lot on the west side
*The City is giving away the land for free on top of a tax abatement
I'd like to add longer blocks are less walkable. Short blocks generally have more pedestrian activity.

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Thanks for speaking up about this. I will e-mail the Alderperson as well.

Every time we 'vacate' a city street, someone looses. Maybe an ambulance will take longer to get to their next patient. Maybe the city services will spend more fuel getting to the properties on the opposite end. Maybe the pedestrian activity and safety in the area will go down etc. I am sure the safety of pre-school children will be brought up as an excuse. I think kids would be better served in life if taught how to safely cross a city street. Have someone hold a stop sign up as they file through.

Finally this would galvanize another parking lot on Washington Avenue and will create a pedestrian dead zone that will hold back the potential of the area.
dbInSouthCity wrote:
whats the issue?

if you drive north on 17th, you drive into the loading docks of CPI, you cant turn right on St.Charles anyway. Seems like they want the street vacated to use as their main entrance so that Washington isnt clogged up.

Washington along that stretch is not clogged up. Completely unnecessary closure unless they are planning some huge addition on the parking lot next to it and need the space.
What is the rationale for wanting to close the street? I assume the main entrance is on Washington Ave., and it's not a hotel, so it's not like they need a valet area or covered entrance.

I too am against closing the street.

Has anyone seen the layouts - building and streets?
I could see closing the street to auto traffic but it seems like it'd be an awful hard justification for doing so for bike/ped. 17th Street area is loaded for future mixed-use on the blocks south of Washington.

Future Downtown West will have not only retail in Printer's Lofts but also residents. retail and maybe office in Dragon Trading, Butler Bros., etc. These people and businesses need good bike/ped access for people to come and go from Wash Ave.
It appears that there is a plan for a new building on the parking lot, thus the need to vacate the street.