Buell Building Redevelopment - 1900 Washington

Renovations and new residential construction in downtown St. Louis, Washington Avenue, the Old Post Office, etc.
Seems like we don't have a thread on this building... too bad it caught fire but it looks like it just might be saved and the planned rehab still a go:

http://nextstl.com/2016/01/developer-op ... warehouse/

Supposedly financing was recently secured and work on 36 loft apartments was to begin in a few weeks.

Drone footage of the fire:

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Ah you beat me to it. Better that it has its own thread anyways.
Post reports that construction is resuming on this building

http://www.stltoday.com/business/column ... e7a02.html
^ excellent! Downtown West needs some love.
How's this one coming along? Any updates?
Work was well underway when I saw it a week or two ago. No pic though.
33 units will be ready for move in on Nov 1st and i think i got the best one :D
First floor facing Wash Ave has retail/officer space, when i looked at my unit in mid sept they didnt have any of those leased yet.

the parking lot next to it has been re done and landscaped, middle of the building gutted for an open courtyard
and of course next door the Cider place is being renovated, so a lot happening at this part of Washington Ave

1 bedroom- $935
2 bedroom/2bath (1000sq ft) $1235





Hmmm, maybe dbInCenterCity would work better?

This is awesome. Very creative reuse of the building. I didn't realize that courtyard was part of the plan. Looks great.
The open surface lot on other side of building looks like a nice infill site even if it is concrete platform/stick construction
I think they just resurfaced it with asphalt. Its extra parking for the building, there is parking under the building for $85 and $50 for that lot. I opted with the underground since I wont drive much now that i walk down the metrolink at Union Station and take it to work at Wash U med campus.

One thing i dont like is, the portion in red is apparently a different owner and thats the only part in the entire block not getting new sidewalk. everything in blue will have new sidewalk and a new tree line between it and the street.
So who is the King of Macklind Ave now?
^ currently reviewing applications for successor. :D
https://twitter.com/beganovic_85/status ... 3422396416

Looks from the interior building as compared to the ariel above
Wow! That's really nice.

This is going to be a pretty kickass stretch once the cidery is open.

Also, any updates on CPI's assets? Those parking lots are horrible.
This project is now 100% done, finally

See more pics on my Instagram

There are 4 commercial spaces, redbrick will take one for its leasing office for downtown west and other 3 are ready to be built out as soon as someone takes them
^That's gotta be the cutest dog in Downtown West.
San Luis Native wrote:
Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:19 pm
^That's gotta be the cutest dog in Downtown West.
At least the biggest. :D
24/36 units leased after being open 4 months
10-1 bedroom and 2- 2bedroom left
That seems like a pretty solid rate. Other buildings with a lot more marketing and higher profile locations seem to be on a similar pace.