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I was actually encouraged by the defense' ability to adjust and hold Pittsburgh to 12 points. Early in the game it looked like the Steelers may put up 50. Unfortunately, the offensive execution was atrocious. No sympathy for Snead and Fisher, however, as they chose to surround themselves with most of these guys who are average at best. A run first team needs a line. It seems odd to use a premium pick on Gurley when the O-line can't block. Still not sure why they didn't get a veteran lineman for this season to at least ease the transition for some youth that is struggling.

The tale of Brian Quick, alone, is enough to question this administration's methods.

Good luck in Arizona and Green Bay, boys.
I was at this one. And I pretty much concur with your assessment, but I'll also add that the NFL once again stuck it's nose in a game and ruined it.

The Rams were driving with a chance to score the game winning touch down in the final 2 minutes. Britt made a great catch on 4th down. They reviewed it. Replay was as inconclusive as it gets. They overturned the call, game over.

I will be sad as heck if I lose my Rams, but I will be thrilled if the crooked organization that is the NFL never steps foot in my city again.
I think they got the call right. On the final shots on TV, it looked like he lost control of it.

It's moot in regards to this offense, however. Penalties, poor blocking, drops, and a lack of use of players is mind boggling.
That one was there for the taking in the red zone and we just refuse. Second down playing calling continues to be the bane of our existence. First down, run into the back of the line....second down, let's try it again. Third down, short pass for 8 yards. Punt.

As Bernie spent the morning discussing, the overall trend with Fisher continues to go in the wrong direction.
A loss and taking out Minnesota's QB on a dirty play.

Good look Rams, good look.
Hit wasn't dirty. 15-yard penalty was fine, but the hit was simply a result of football being an incorrectably dangerous game. Joyner can either assume Bridgewater is going to slide (and risk being wrong) or do what he did. The fact that the blow injured Bridgewater was unfortunate.

Calling a hit dirty misses the point, which should be how awful football is because a play like that is borderline unavoidable.

As for the game itself, it was a brutal loss. Offense was absolutely horrific, and the defense was undermanned and not good enough to make up for it. The coaching continues to be awful and the penalty problem grows.

This loss will likely keep the Rams out of the playoffs. They're looking like a 9-7 or 10-6 team that will finish in 2nd place in the NFC West and fall one game short of the playoffs to the Vikings. Then they'll move away.
Completely agree on your stance. I couldn't believe how quick the DIRTY HIT HOT TAKE!!! came out. Seemed run of the mill to me, and I'm not so sure Bridgewater didn't slide into Joyner's path to draw the foul.

I love football, but lets not delude ourselves from the game centering around very strong and very fast men colliding into one another for our entertainment. It's possible to hold both truths in your head together "Go team, fight, win!" and "This is a violent game that takes a toll on the people playing it in the NFL."
And furthermore...aren't these criticisms about "playing the game the right way" or the "classiness of a player" the exact things that are allegedly hated about Cardinals fans? Yet the sports media is instantaneous with those platitudes.

Sports media coverage is just cable news political coverage with different names and more teams.
This week seemed like a pivotal loss from a number of perspectives:

-In my book, this was the official "you're on alert" for Fisher and Snead.
-terribly out-coached. This is another example of opposition making in-game adjustments better than our side
-The Gurley factor is becoming negated likely by defenses planning for it, the questionable o-line play, and no passing game
-Their talent selection, assessment, and ability to develop players
-Brian Quick continues to basically be a non-factor (meanwhile Alshon Jefferey stands on the other side of the ball)
-Greg Robinson's pass protection ability is very poor. It shouldn't be taking this long to correct his terrible form and this
was reflected today with killer-timed penalties going against a backup D end. This is the #2 pick over all. Sammy Watkins and
Jake Matthews were both available
-The fact that they had to go get Welker basically is a banner that says, "we were wrong about our entire receiving corp"
-Stedman Bailey......c'mon, guy, again?
-Foles looks to be getting worse. He was missing receivers today that pro QBs just don't miss. And not even close.
Why they elected to sign him to an extension without assessing his on field play in their "system" is beyond me
-How the defense could be so porous against the Bears today is incredibly shocking
-The quick slant and effective screen continue to elude them

I find it even more frustrating that Snead was brought here on the coattails of the Julio Jones pick and a track record of improving an offense.....yet after 4 years, we look unsure that the forward pass is even a legal play.

It has suddenly become very believable that they have another losing season. The Lions, Jags, and Redskins all won today. Relocation issues or not, if I'm Stan, I've almost seen enough. I realize that part of Fisher's allure from Stan's perspective was experience in moving home bases, but at what point do you look at Fisher's all time record and look at what is happening this year and decide to cut your losses?

The pain that this franchise has caused continues to reach epic proportions.
A losing season isn't just believable, but likely.

Fisher and Snead aren't going anywhere because Kroenke doesn't give a hoot.

Everyone sucks.

The Rams moving to LA will save me a great deal of stress.
Five of the last seven opponents have a losing record so there's still a chance they'll wind up at .500. Not counting on it, though.
roger wyoming II wrote:
Five of the last seven opponents have a losing record so there's still a chance they'll wind up at .500. Not counting on it, though.

Thing is, that probably means five losses and two victories. #FisherBall
In 1998, Vermeil and pundits decided we had to stay with Tony Banks at QB as the best option. We won four games that year. All the while, the 1999 Super Bowl MVP was sitting on the bench. So the experts sometimes are not that smart.
Downtown is looking great in tonight's aerial views. Lots of lights all over the city.
^ I was thinking the same thing.
^ me, three. certainly more aesthetically pleasing than the colors of the condiment bowl being played inside... (but those unis seem to be working!)
The jerseys themselves are pretty awesome. The monochromatic pants and shoes are what make it horrible. Make it blue pants (or socks) and shoes (or white) and it would be a fairly decent regular uni.