St. Louis in the running for 2018 IIHF Junior Championship

Got love for St. Louis sports? Let's talk Pro, College, High School, or otherwise.
^ Canadian-American, eh?
^Nope. A bunch of born-and-bred St. Louisans, remembering the Old Days at The Arena. Blues vs. Black Hawks, ca. 1985.

Those were the days.
As a life long hockey player and middle school/high school football player, I will say that there was much more education on good/legal checks in hockey than anything I received in football. With hockey I think the education at a young age is much more standardized. We were required to watch educational videos showing all these horrendous hits and injuries from the 70s/80s, watching the spine snap back and seeing a guy with a metal box around his head for the rest of his life was terrifying at age 12. The "big" hits along the boards are actually very safe, the scary injuries happen when you are 5 feet from the boards and either hit your neck on the boards or slide into the boards too fast.

Additionally I think the size of the athletes and the head gear are a huge difference. Hockey helmets have smarter designs and really work to brace impact whereas football helmets are just like heavy coating around your head, if anything just add more stress on neck and spine. And look at the difference in weights between the players. Average nhl player is 200lbs; nfl is at 260 and 2.5" shorter.
Also, yes, there needs to be education and boundaries. But I'm not one to argue about taking all risks out of sports. Yes, you might get hurt, and if this concerns you then don't play. But the overall pros outweigh the cons by a long shot, I think.