St. Louis University Billikens Basketball

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Agree. Awesome draw for teams that have a fan base that travels well. Will be hopping.

I think SLU loses in first round. Hard to ignore the recent trend. Hope I am wrong.
I actually have Slu beating the winner of X and NC State and i also have them beating Louisville with a rematch of Wichita State and Slu..
Maybe im just overly optimistic about them :D i did pick Louisville to win it all last year and im picking Syracuse to win it all this year
With the bevy of teams coming here this is exactly what our local economy needs... Show em a good time Lou..
As pathetic as both these teams are at free throws, this game has been entertaining as hell.
Yep. I can't say much for the quality of basketball played this game—especially these last 5 or 6 minutes. But it sure has been entertaining! C'mon SLU!
Amazing sixteen point comeback!!! :D

On to Indianapolis where SLU might play Louisville next though. :x :shock:
Exciting finish to that game. Hoping for the best for the next one.
Wow! i found out this morning that they were 16 down and pull out a remarkable win.. Go Bills hope they can beat the Cardinal Nation of College sports in Louisville ..
The SLU-Louisville game was a bit ugly. Billikens gave themselves a shot in the second half, actually taking a brief lead at one point. But Louisville turned it on after that, and SLU just couldn't make jump shots when they needed. Louisville ended up taking control with about 10 or 12 to go and never lost it.

Great season for SLU, though.
I'm going to call it now. Next month Jayson Tatum commits to SLU.