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Denials all around to Plan B stadium plan as per PD article. I would have to agree that their is enough corporate support/wealth to make a MLS team happen with a stadium comparable to the average MLS stadium or at least comparable to KC without the ballot vote. Especially with NFL out of the picture and Cards drawing +40k a game. The region will pay for quality sports team.

I don't agree with St. Louis Mayor opinion of city keeping hands off. Future upgrades and stadium site location will make a big difference on additional soccer games from NCAA to Friendlies and so on. Essentially giving up on economic impact and events that fill downtown hotel rooms & eateries. Might as well as find the cheapest plot of land in the region even if it floods that is next to a freeway interchange, admit a few more freeway hotel rooms will be built that will dilute the markein and discount the regional draw of downtown (Arch grounds, City museum, Union Station, Scottrade/Peabody, BPV and hotel rooms all well connected) ... 62288.html

Speculation about alternative funding for a St. Louis soccer stadium has been rampant since voters killed a public financing proposal in April, but nothing serious has materialized.

The April 4 vote on Proposition 2 left investors in a Major League Soccer expansion club short $60 million to finish their financing plan for a $155 million stadium. According to those investors, there is still no “Plan B,” which has become the nonexistent proposal’s unofficial title on social media.

“This is all silly,” SC STL investor Dave Peacock said in an email last week in response to reports on local ESPN radio that a plan was coming together.
dmelsh wrote:
Tue May 09, 2017 9:43 am
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Thu May 04, 2017 9:35 pm
Translation: we aren't actually passionately dedicated to the long term success of a MLS team, we just want a subsidized team and stadium so don't want to actually have to pay for anything with our own money. If a city or county wants to give us a few hundred million to build a stadium, we'll show up faster than a speeding bullet.
You might look real silly if the rumors are true.
Yeah, I would. But the clock keeps ticking and only these rumors keep getting shot down. I have zero reason to change my view and opinion that they're only in it for the the money (aka massive tax subsidies) and the whole "wanting to better the city by bringing in a new major league team" is nothing more than a good talking point to rile up the current fans.
If theres no plan B then why is there so much speculation going around? Are people and media trying to get the wheels turning on a plan B. On my behalf i think its nearly crucial for St.Louis to get a MLS team. The history alone speaks for itself however the economic opportunities and advantages that could spur not only growth but show off another side of St.Louis besides Baseball and Hockey could draw people here who would never consider coming here to visit..
St.Louis needs to flex its muscles like it did in its heydays
If Detroit can consistently brand itself the comeback/renaissance city then what should St.Louis brand itself?

But I would guess that rumors keep flying because 1) it's a story that drives media traffic and clicks. 2) The soccer fans who want to see a team want to believe it to be true. and 3) there probably are some investors who truly want to see a team brought here... even if they aren't the heavy hitters.

Again, I'm not against seeing MLS come to STL. But the group behind the previous proposal has given me zero confidence that they have some super secret plan in the works and they've had a sudden change in heart regarding the subsidies they were requiring previously.
I don't know... They haven't officially said no, yet. And the group is definitely still together... and that Dave Peacock comment was too much of a coincidence for me... Who say's "This is all Silly," without knowing that is one of their fan club's mottos. There's too much money to be made here for all of them to back out, and no reason for them to release their plan B until they actually have to... I've been wrong a few times on this though, so maybe I'm wrong again.

It just feels very well... a bit silly not to do it.

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