Boyle/Sarah Metrolink Station

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^Great to have the current political rhetoric spreading to new contexts.
Also, they sure had a lame excuse to the removal of the building on Twitter. Makes me sad to see them wanting to remove this building.
From the PD Metro chat yesterday
Metro is currently constructed the new Cortex MetroLink Station, near Boyle and Sarah Avenues between the Grand and Central West End MetroLink Stations. We have designed this project to minimize the impact to customers and ongoing operations. This design includes constructing the station platform and new track immediately north of the existing MetroLink alignment. When this construction is complete, the new track (east and westbound) will adjoin the existing alignment east and west of the new station.
There is going to be a significant upgrade to the CWE station, guessing work won’t start til Boyle station is done
dbInSouthCity wrote:There is going to be a significant upgrade to the CWE station, guessing work won’t start til Boyle station is done
What type of upgrades?

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addxb2 wrote:
Wed Nov 01, 2017 11:50 pm
What type of upgrades?
Extending the platform further east (still between the tracks). The two "platforms" would be staggered so that the north half of the platform can be used for loading while the south half can be used for circulation and vice versa. Imagine the Rock Road Station but with a center platform and without the road between.
^ I assume you meant to say Wellston, not Rock Rd?
With the institutional support for the project, it’s pretty extensive project, north of $7m
Not entirely sure on the details for the CWE upgrades, but as far as I know they are going to move the elevator more towards the center, and widen the stairs. I think the entire platform will be covered as well but not positive. Walking up those stairs in the morning after a full train takes forever.
Improvements to the Central West End MetroLink platform is a little tricky to pinpoint as there are different projects associated with different funding mechanisms. What I can tell you is the improvements that will be made to the platform that are associated with the $10.3 million TIGER grant. (This is the same grant that is financing the Cortex MetroLink Station and a portion of the Chouteau Greenway.) Per the grant, the improvement involves extending the existing platform 60’ to the east and reworking the pedestrian crossing on the east end of the platform.

Separately, Metro engineers are coordinating with WUSM/BJC on a proposed station improvement, and are working to include foundations for a new station canopy in the current construction project. Otherwise it’s just basic station amenity upgrades like windscreens and benches.