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All the ways we move people and things: trains, planes, automobiles, biking, walking, etc.

Solution: Downtown J-O-B. Downtown L-O-F-T. Sell C-A-R.

I got the job in Janurary, reserved in Ely (10 blocks away), and will sell the Mazda before moving early '07. I just hope it's early enough. I can't say the new 64 was the reason, but it was a motivator.

I work in Brentwood.

I move into my loft in June.

Can't sell the car. I'll have no way to get back down to Alabama during football and basketball season. Traveling by plane isn't always the most economical way of doing it.

However, I do plan on using public transportation a lot when I move downtown.

I always found it really annoying that Market Street ends going into either I-64, or Forest Park Pkwy. I dont know, maybe it's just me, as an Illinoisan, getting confused. I presume it was meant more, for people from Missouri, going into Downtown.

janit0r wrote:
Solution: Downtown J-O-B. Downtown L-O-F-T. Sell C-A-R.

What a fabulous idea!


The reopening of the westbound lanes is being delayed again, no big surprise with this project. The entire road may be open by mid-June.

Weather may delay opening of parkway

By Shane Graber



Don't make plans just yet to take Forest Park Parkway.

The weekend weather might not play along.

Forest Park Parkway's westbound lanes were expected to open at the start of the week. Metro said Friday, however, that it still has some work to do.

"It's not a for-certain opening on Monday," said Metro spokeswoman Dianne Williams. "The lane striping has to be done on bone-dry concrete. The weather forecast looks like we may not meet those conditions."


Metro had hoped that some of the eastbound lanes between DeBaliviere Avenue and Big Bend Boulevard would open Monday, too. Metro is hoping to open all of the parkway by mid-June, Poehler said.

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UAB, since you work in Brentwood, will the new Green Line be of any use to in getting to work?

For the first time since I moved here I was able to take FP Pkwy from DeBaliviere to 170 (going to the airport). It was nice. There was a small detour but nothing major. It shaved at least 5-10 minutes off my commute time.

great ideas guys...but selling your car is definately not for everyone... I still like to take sunday drives... Take my mountain bike to castlewood park... visit my parents and friends in west county... go to mall god forbid... or go eat in south city... If you all sell your will you plan on doing those things...? I'm just curious....

bpe235 wrote:
If you all sell your will you plan on doing those things...? I'm just curious....

I borrow my fianc?e's Mini, naturally. ;-)

Many cities have implicated a rental car facility, where you can rent cars for the day, or hour, whatever you need them for. And very inexspensive too.

The foot-bridge across the Metrolink tracks of FPP, at Des Peres, is walkable now. We (SkD) are re-connected to Forest Park!

This morning, a radio report announced that the Forest Park Parkway is now opened in the eastbound direction from 170 to Millbrook. Yesterday it was opened only to westbound traffic when I was on it a 6 pm.
Forest Park Parkway and Skinker in 1988.

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I've always thought an underpass at Skinker and FPP makes a ton of sense. I know the Metro station acts as a defacto underpass from the NE corner to the SW corner but a true underpass connecting all 4 corners would greatly improve the intersection for both pedestrians and motorists. Does anyone know if the Metro construction allows room for such an addition? It would probably be quite expensive but a pedestrian tunnel here would be very beneficial.
^ Yep, there's already an underpass there to get you between the useful corners of the intersection.
I'd be curious to know how many use it for that. Saves time to cross at street level, which I'd wager for the vast majority outweighs their perception of the risk of getting hit by a driver.
Randy wrote:
^ Yep, there's already an underpass there to get you between the useful corners of the intersection.

I'd disagree. I bet there are more people crossing NW corner to SW corner than NE to SW. And it's not a true underpass, at least not an efficient one.