The Hill Former Magic Chef Factory Redevelopment

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framer wrote:
Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:38 am
The Hill has a great location. The only reason it's not booming more than it is is because the neighbors seem to be anti-growth.
As a former resident, the sentiment was that more single family housing would have been excellent. No one wants to live next to graffitied, vacant warehouses.

I understand adding density, but the Hill is pretty far from the core of the city and single family, two and four family flats are more of the norm. They did add a fair amount of single family structures, but the apartment building looks very cheap.

The warehouses could have been turned into condo lofts with retail I would think and the fabric would be the same and be welcomed. The only good thing coming from this is maybe restoration of one or two small segments of the street grid? Just my opinion. It's a desirable place to raise a family, which is what the city is lacking in a large way.
aprice wrote:
Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:46 pm
framer wrote:
Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:38 am
the neighbors seem to be anti-growth.
Understatement of the year.
The apartment proposal did win the majority of neighbors vote (55% I believe). Townhomes seem to be popular on the Hill so at least we are getting more density (4 planned further down Shaw).

Back to the topic at hand demo permit was approved July 6 for the factory. So expect to see that eyesore gone in the next month or so
bwcrow1s wrote:
Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:59 pm
It's a desirable place to raise a family, which is what the city is lacking in a large way.
I might have to take issue with this in one way. Is the Hill really anymore or less desirable a place to raise a family than the Tower Grove area or Southampton or Dogtown or probably a few other mostly in tact residential neighborhoods in the city?

I'd suggest not really.

The difference is that the Hill has it's own special reputation amongst people who live in other parts of the region. And that reputation colors their perception maybe beyond reality.

To those people the city (and all of its neighborhoods) is a crime ridden place where kids don't belong. But the Hill is that great Italian neighborhood with good restaurants that they like to stop at for dinner on their way to a game.

And I guess it's not a bad thing that there is a neighborhood that those people are able to get past the other concerns and see it in a more positive light. I just don't think it's necessarily accurate relative to how other areas are viewed.
^ absolutely.... I personally think there is no better neighborhood better to raise children than Tower Grove South but I know lots of other parents think the same about their own, different neighborhood; we have a lot of wonderful neighborhoods with differing appeals and if some prefer to walk over to Gioia's Deli for lunch with their kids and then over to Berra playground instead of walking over to Union Loafers and then the Botanical Garden then more power to them. And vice-versa. .
Factory is 35% down. They're moving quick.

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