6300 Clayton Avenue - New Dogtown Apartment complex

Renovations and new construction in the Central Corridor -- defined by the area south of Delmar Avenue and North of Interstate 44/55.
I'd like to see a simple bodega/convenience store. Dogtown's already pretty well served by the Schnuck's, Shop 'n Shop, Whole Foods, and specialty stores on The Hill all within 5-10 minutes away. A simple convenience store could be a great neighborhood asset though.
Dogtown used to have two smaller grocery/convenience stores in Garavaglia's and Gewinners. Both closed up shop for one reason or another. Based on the square footage, the previously mentioned Fields Foods would make sense. Much too small for any traditional grocer, I don't anticipate that it would be Aldi or Trader Joe's as - while they can squeeze into ~12,000sf - both have stores within a few miles.
Gewinner's was a staple in the neighborhood. That store did very well. The owners closed due to burnout. They wanted to do something else. The guy that bought it from the Gewinner family ran the store into the ground. He had no business running a store. He was also not as friendly as the Gewinner family. He never made an effort to become part of the neighborhood. He was all business, ignoring the "marketing" requirement that comes with running the neighborhood grocer. I think now that Dogtown is more of a young and hip hood, that will not be as much an issue. It will be about competitive pricing and variety, along with convenience. That will be a given. The others may be more challenging. No matter what, this project is great for Dogtown and long overdue.
I tend to roll my eyes that it seems like every mixed use project is targeting a grocer for their retail.

IF they do find one my guess is going to be United Provisions as it fits their business model the best (I can't see Culinaria even though i wish they could be coaxed into a second location somewhere) but if i were them i would be favoring a location on Hampton with walk ability to the core of Dogtown but access/visibility of higher traffic counts.
Any new news on this? is it still moving forward?
There's going to be a city zoning variance hearing in early May. The Clayton-Tamm Community Association has already voted in favor of granting the variance, but it's up to the city. The TIF ordinance will be introduced after that. Apparently construction can start in the late summer according to this: https://www.stlouis-mo.gov/government/d ... 29_001.pdf
Why I support the 3.8 million in tax incentives they're requesting for this activity.
- The planned grocery will create dozens of neighborhood jobs.
- Will generate large sales tax revenues. Currently the closest grocery to this area is in Clayton.
- Project investment is guaranteed to firm up the Clayton-Tamm retail market.

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It might have mentioned it in that link, I didn't read all 50 pages, but the grocery store is going to be Fields foods. At least according to the Dogtown Facebook page.
Actually the closest grocery is in Richmond Heights about a mile away, not necessarily a food desert but not walkable either.
Stl Public Radio - Developers seek tax increment financing for proposed Dogtown project
A planned $26 million apartment and retail development in St. Louis’ Dogtown neighborhood could remake a long neglected spot.
In case you were wondering where the tax incentives are going
Ogilvie said the developer is seeking tax increment financing from the city to help pay for planned underground parking. TIF allows developers to take the increase in tax revenue and put that toward paying off development costs.

“The underground parking is expensive and in this case, the tax increment financing would basically, one-to-one, offset the cost of the underground parking they have to build to make it work,” he said.
http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/dev ... wn-project
^ PD business article noting a August construction date for 2018 opening. Looks like speculation on Field Foods being the grocer

http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/ ... f0e96.html

The group plans to start construction in August and open by October 2018. Monthly rents are expected to range between about $1,300 and $1,500 for one-bedroom units and up to $1,900 for two-bedroom apartments
I was looking at the developer's website and found that this project will be branded "Hibernia".


There also seems to be another $12,000,000 St. Louis project here: http://pearlrealestatefunds.com/portfolio/.

Does anyone know what that might be?
td443 wrote:
Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:55 am
I was looking at the developer's website and found that this project will be branded "Hibernia".


There also seems to be another $12,000,000 St. Louis project here: http://pearlrealestatefunds.com/portfolio/.

Does anyone know what that might be?
I messaged them on Facebook a while back asking about it
Currently we have a couple different potential future projects that are under development/in the works in St Louis. I believe you may be talking about the placeholder spot on our "Portfolio" page on the www.pearlrealestatefunds.com site

Once we know which project will be under contract we will be updating the site with location info
Sounds like nothing under contract yet so they won't spill the beans
Fields Foods to be the grocery operator - confirming a rumor from a few months back

http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/ ... 1597a.html