Mixed Use RFP @ Olive and North & South - University City

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^The founder of the Create Space Generator in The Loop tried to start a restaurant incubator space on Olive across from Senn, but again, the anti-group of council members refused any kind of financial incentives, so that idea too has apparently died.

framer wrote:
Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:21 pm
The facts aren't in yet, so I don't want to speak prematurely, but the word had always been that one group of city council people were enthusiastically doing their best to help the project move forward, while another group was hesitant about the city's involvement. At the last election, the pro-brewery group lost their majority to the other group, and things went downhill after that.

Other people are saying that a developer has been trying to push through an unfair real estate deal.

Who knows what really happened.
Do we know who voted how? I am a newer U City resident and I would like to take that into account the next time I vote for city council members.
Both Senn Brewery and Create Space would be wonderful additions to the Loop...on the East side in StL City. If I were Lyda Krewson, I'd try to convince both of them to consider moving just a tad further east. I honestly don't know why StL City isn't more proactive in courting businesses that run into issues like this in the County. I'm not saying the City should actively try to poach from the County...we certainly don't need more regional infighting, but this one seems like a no brainer. You've got two viable, hip start-up businesses that want to be located in the vicinity of U.City/Loop and StL City needs to spur more activity along the East Loop.
^My thoughts exactly! There's tons of potential fits in the E. Loop!!
Agreed -- do we not have someone in the city that actively does that already?
Create Space has since closed their Loop location. They tried, and failed, to get funding assistance from U City to keep it going. I hear that some of the artists are trying to get a new location, but that's all I know. The restaurant incubator planned at Olive and North & South is dead.

I don't know what happened with the Senn deal, as those in the know are not speaking. Word on the street is that the developer somehow got U City to sell him the land dirt cheap, and then screwed Senn on the deal. He was supposedly an investor in the brewery, but who knows. All of this may be completely false; we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, residents of U City are embarrassed and angry by the whole mess.

Jshank, I really don't know how to answer. There are two opposing clicks on the U City Council, and they rarely agree on anything. The mayor has referred to one side as "tea party conservatives" who are opposed to any kind of progress, while that side says the mayor and her supporters are corrupt, scheming, and inept. Perhaps the best way to figure it out is to join the Facebook groups called "U City on the Record" (a very vocal anti-mayor group), and "Civil U City" (a much more restrained pro-mayor group).
bwcrow1s wrote:
Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:34 am
Agreed -- do we not have someone in the city that actively does that already?
I have no idea but I've been wondering that for a long time. I remember several years ago thinking about this when Maryville University was trying to expand and ran into zoning issues with Town and Country. Why on earth wouldn't someone from City Hall put in a call to Maryville leaders and float the idea of a Downtown StL campus? Their top competitors Webster and Lindenwood have already done it, so it would make sense. These types of things happen all the time in the County due to NIMBY concerns. I remember Mastermind Vodka wanted to open a place in Frontenac but ran into problems...that would be a perfect business in a number of City neighborhoods. The City basically needs to put out a bat signal to any business that runs into trouble with local governments in the County. We need to grow our business tax base.