New building codes
Spirit of Discovery Park
"Preserving what remains of St. Louis' industrial past"
Misguided, well-intentioned "development"
St. Louis in Miniature
3233 Ivanhoe - Building at Ivanhoe & Bradley
Lewis Center Apartments, 721 Kingsland
Brookings report: St. Louis’ economy doing better than many older industrial cities
Pappas House For Sale!
"Monuments preservation" ballot petition
Campbell House
University Square - Hanley Station TOD
New Collaborative Workspace in CWE
Eat-Rite Diner to Reopen
Maplewood micro mixed use
2647-49 Locust - Eliot's Neighbor Redevelopment
Google Maps Thread
RIP William Gass
Barristers closing
"Economic Development": Vapor
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Aquaponics Fish and Vegetable Farm Planned for Wellston
anybody renting?
Independence, MO Church Sells Book for $35 Million
Clark School Apartments, 1020 Union Blvd.
Twelve Sites to See, With Michael Allen